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finally friday!

Setting my alarm for two hours later than normal last night was great! I actually ended up waking up at about 5:40am naturally, and felt amazing. Mike and I both took our rest day today instead of tomorrow because I have a special lifting date and he is going to get up early with me and lift at home. 


We went on our normal Friday morning breakfast date, but I wasn't that hungry. Turns out lifting and training hard is what makes you extra hungry! 

Here's a little before and after for you because I'm sure you love seeing my half eaten food and dirty dishes!! 


Can you see it SNOWING outside. Stop. I need heat and sunshine now. Luckily, today was a half day for the kids, which is the best thing ever. A lot of them don't come at all, and the time they are here is mostly their "speacials" time and an early lunch. I got so much peace and quiet and a lot done, which was amazing.


At 10:15 I had a pita with PB2 I mixed with snickerdoodle protein and jelly. It was super sweet and really good! 


When the kids left, I went to the grocery store because for Ezekiel bread before I forgot about it. I also grabbed this dressing to try because the salad I brought for lunch was a little boring. I got a Monster to get me through an afternoon of working on stuff in my classroom :)  


The dressing was really good (I got blue cheese flavor because I knew I would only use a little of it!) If you like blue cheese, get it- it's only 2P, 1C, 2.5F for 2 tbsp!  I had spinach and aruguala with turkey meat and tomatoes for my lunch.


I stopped at the gym on my way home to pick up a shirt to chop up. I locked my keys in the car (I've been doing this way too much lately!) and Mike had to come to my rescue. My car never used to let me lock the keys in it- it would beep and remind me, but I think the battery is so old it has stopped doing that. She's failed me, time for a new one soon!!!


I played with Bo for a little bit and then Mike came home early and we went to eat. Another amazing salad tonight: this one has huge garlic cloves and roasted red peppers and super fresh greens.


We did a couple errands while we were out l, but then I had to come home and wash my hair. I hadn't washed it since last Friday and 7 days is long enough!! Then I had my casein and peanut butter real quick because I have to get to bed- big fun day tomorrow!


my kind of saturday

the day after my birthday slump