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let's start with this blabber

Oh man, do I have SO much to catch up on over here!! Let's start with this blabber that I started typing up while on our way down to St. John a couple weeks ago! It's a start..


Hi there! We are up in the air and I finally have some time to sit and TYPE!!! I’ve been pretty crazy busy for the past few weeks, so Instagram has been where it’s at for me. But now that I have a couple of hours to just sit here, it’s nice to be able to share and explain some things a little more.


Training has been fun lately (what am I even saying, it's never not fun to me!) I am on another hypertrophy cycle, but it is more power-based. I am back to conventional deadlifts after playing around with sumo and semi sumo, and realizing that it is just not feeling good on my hips. Sundays are my heavy deadlift days, so my coach can watch and adjust things as he sees necessary. Right now, I am doing a couple of sets off the floor to start, then I do rack pulls, which I am loving and are allowing me to get more aggressive right from my sticking point, and then I move on to banded deficit deadlifts. All of that is followed by extra heavy hip ups, RDLs, and a bunch of other lower body/back strengthening accessory work. Love it allllll.

Mike and I train in the garage gym for the rest of the week. Now that it is pretty freezing at 5am, our propane heater is my best friend again. Our new garage is probably triple the size of our old one, but the thing still works like a charm! I shared the information about it on Instagram because some other friends with garage gyms had asked how we handle the winter! The one we use is called Dyna-Glo 30,000-60,000 BTUs and I got it at Lowe’s or Home Depot, but it’s also available on Amazon.


In the winter, we use about a tank of propane a week, and that is with it running non-stop for about 8-10 hours weekly. Maybe next year we will get real heat hooked up into the garage, but this method works just fine for now!

My coach has me benching heavy again for more reps than I have been, which I love! I need a spotter again (and not just my furry spotter! ;) and I like that feeling.


I also have heavy floor presses, which are one of my favorite lifts- taking the leg drive out of my bench has definitely helped strengthen my chest, lats, and triceps A LOT. Speaking of taking out the leg drive, I have seated overhead press, where I sit on the ground with my legs straight out in front of me. This lift is insane! I'll have to take a video of it this week, because it is so different for me. Standing overhead press is one of my top favorite lifts, but I am at a point where I can press for reps a lot more than before, but my one rep is at a standstill. Well, now doing this seated variation for 8-10 reps absolutely crushes me, and I have a feeling it is going to help me get past my OHP “rut”.

I don’t have any back squats this program, but lots of heavy front squats. My coach jokes that I may be able to front squat more than back squat soon #quaddominant. I’ve been trying to stay beltless as much as possible to strengthen this damn lower back of mine and hopefully get my deadlift up. Some days feel just fine without a belt, and some days, the belt ends up being my best friend- I kind of just see how I am feeling and decide if I am going to wear it or not.


**Please check out my Instagram for training videos if you are interested- that is where I post them for the most part :)


You guys, I just love my class. And my school. And teaching in general again. I mean, there are definitely parts that stink because teaching is just such a different profession now than it was even a few years ago, but right now I think this is as good as it gets. They’re just really sweet six year olds who actually appreciate little things, so it makes it way more fun to surprise them, and treat them when I can. We had a Winter Concert, so I “elfed” them up and got them in the spirit for their big day. I have the cutest class picture of them in their little elf hats all huddled together, I wish I could share it without breaking privacy rules lol! 


Having such a good little class in a nice, happy school environment makes every day much easier (and makes coming back to school after weekends and breaks a lot easier too!)  Coming back to gifts from coworkers who are super nice and definitely "get me" is pretty awesome too :)



I filled you in on how Mike and I sold our house and are buying my parents' house, right? Well, we are redoing the whole interior (just as far as decor goes for the most part), and we have been ordering a ton of stuff and getting it all ready! My vision of bohemian/modern farmhouse is coming together nicely! My dad helped us replace the flush mounts in the hallways and the light in the foyer, which was a good start in the fight against all things brass (I guess that was the style back in 1992 haha).


We have two awesome new chandeliers to hang, new rugs, tables, chairs, couches... so much! I can't wait to transform it and share it all with you! If anyone is local and is looking for furniture, my parents are selling some of theirs, which is basically brand new, but very traditional. Let me know!

That was my blabber- mostly from the airplane- some from just this minute. Like I said, Instagram is where it's at lately. It's faster and simpler to share randomly on there when I am busy, so check it out if you're looking for me!

Thanks for popping in!

xoxo lindsay 


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