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sunday stuff

Last night, Mike and I got kind of dressy (for us!!) and headed into Boston. We went to my brother in law's 40th birthday party at Wink + Nod and it was a fun night!


I can't even tell you how uncomfortable I feel dressing up like this. A black dress, super high heels- it's just so not me! I need my bright colors and patterns and comfy clothes! But it was a 20's themed party, so that wouldn't have really worked out so well! I did bring comfy clothes in the car for the ride home, though ;)


We went to dinner at Stella before the party and I had the salmon and spaghetti squash, which was so so good! 


This morning, we slept a little extra because we got home pretty late, and then headed to the gym. We bring so much stuff with us, it's pretty ridiculous actually. Between gear and fuel, a Sunday morning training session quickly turns into packing like we are going away for a weekend!


I only videoed a few things from the end of my workout today because it was stuff I hadn't filmed before. As you can tell, I was pretty exhausted and my legs were really shot by this point in the workout (you'll see me trip over the trap bar, partially because I wasn't looking, but also because I could barely lift my feet as I walked lol!)  

After our workout, we stopped for bagels, but then I had my protein at home. These waffles have only 1g of carbs, but have about 30 grams of protein total. I added about 15g of carbs worth of banana, and sugar free syrup as well :) It's all about recovery after a hard, max effort lower body day!


Once I was refueled, I headed to BJs, which is so therapeutic for me. Everything we need for the week ahead, and nothing else to worry about... ahhhh.


When I got home, Mike was enjoying his Sunday football and I was tired of the lawn looking long, so I went ahead and mowed it. He wouldn't allow me to wear my Birks, so I wore his sneakers!!


Then I had a spinach, arugula, tomato, and rotisserie chicken salad. I topped it with this honey mustard I found that only has 2g of carbs and actually tastes really good- hard to find a honey mustard that isn't full of sugar!! It's Koops brand, if anyone is looking for a good one :) 


I did some reading and some packing, I'll do some more eating and some getting ready for tomorrow, and then it will be a nice early bedtime for me tonight. And I can't wait! 

Before I go, I will share this from some of my reading today. This week's focus for the 40 Days to a Personal Revolution program that I am taking part in is equanimity. I haven't written much about the program at all in here, but this really hit me as I was reading. "Equanimity is the art of meeting life as it meets you- calmly, without drama or fuss. This is the way out of frustration and into the light." Equanimity is allowing stress and chaos and pressure and tension and drama to swirl around you, while not letting it affect you, distract you, or steal your focus. Let's just say, I LOVE THIS, I practice it, and feel like I am growing in this area. I'm looking forward to this week and working more closely with it.


Hope you had a nice weekend! 

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