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Happy Friday guys!! I've had so much going on and so much on my mind lately that I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping. Anyone who knows me knows that if I don't sleep, I truly cannot function. I depend on 7-9 hours a night to be able to live and feel the way I want to. On Monday night after my very busy day, my mind would just not turn off. I slept for one hour before it was time for me to get up and lift and go to work. It was a rough Tuesday. That night, Mike stocked up on some sleep remedies for me, and they did the trick. I've been taking them every night since, but obviously will slowly back off of them as my life stres winds down a bit, which luckily it is already!!!


When I am feeling stressed, the one thing I know I do not need to think or worry about is food. Some people have a really hard time with nutrition when they are tired or anxious, and they turn to foods that might comfort them at the moment, but in the hours following, they feel guilt, more stress, or just mentally foggy because of the foods they ate. It can be a really tough cycle and leave you feeling really bad, but, luckily, it can also go the opposite way. Eating mindfully, and having a plan, even when your mind may be focused on other things, can help you regain some of the vitality that you may have lost. I always know what I need to/am going to eat, and I know it is going to make me feel the way I want to feel! If you need help with your nutrition or don't know what to eat, check out Renaissance Periodization's book on nutrition or their diet templates and use my code for $10 off (LILLY10)!!! The scientists at RP are seriously smart and respectable guys!


I've been sleeping great since the bad night at the beginning of the week, but I still feel like I have catching up to do, which I will do tonight! Even though I've been a little more tired than usual, my lifts and all my training this week has gone really well. This morning's view from the garage gym was prettttttty!! Pinks and purples.... 


Oranges and blues....Β 


And then I decided it was time to start counting down to my favorite time of year... St. John time! For those of you who may not know, Mike and I got married on St. John two years ago on December 28th. It is our favorite place and I cannot wait to explore our favorite spots and new ones, and just relax and enjoy every second on the most beautiful (and special) island ever.


I posted this picture last Friday, but I have ditched my purse for a backpack! I love it because my life pretty much consists of the gym, school, and the yoga studio, and errands (I don't know if this is sad or amazing!!) so it is perfect for all of those things! If we go out to dinner, I'll obviously bring a clutch or something if I need it, but I am definitely loving this new style. I'm not gonna lie- I feel 10 years younger wearing it!!


I saw this on IG the other day and I just loved it. I think of it from a few different perspectives, but mostly as a teacher <3


I hope you all have a happy weekend!! Β 

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