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Hi guys! I'm just popping in because I wanted to share some new and noteworthy things that have been going on over here lately! 

1. We are selling our house!

Mike finally convinced me that we need to move. And now, I am the most impatient person on earth and want to move YESTERDAY. I am so excited for lots of land and space and a bigger GYM!!!!!  


We have had a bunch of showings and I have become really good at cleaning like a crazy person! It's not easy with two dirty dogs, but I've kind of gotten it down to a science (don't get me wrong, it's still a pain in the butt.) It is also so stressful on my heart because I get my hopes up really high, and then nothing happens, and it's just way too much for me to handle and I've already learned that I'm better off not thinking about it. The right person will come along and fall in love with my little house, I just know it...


2. I met my favorite strong friend!! 

I stopped at lululemon last Saturday after yoga and my most favorite, lovely, super strong friend Alessandra walked in with her fiancé!!!


I honestly felt like I met a celebrity because I watch her YouTube videos the second they go up, and feel like I really know her because we are very good social media friends ;) Luckily she kind of feels the same way about me, so I'm not actually a creep!! Well now we are officially real life friends and we are going to lift together soon and go on a double date! I am super excited about this because she is just an awesome person and we have SO much in common, and finding friends who share the same interests and have similar goals and lifestyles is not easy, let me tell you.

3. We had a bat in our house!

On the night of my meet, Mike and I were just sitting in the living room and he yelled "There's a bat in here!!!" I was like "Ya right!" And then it flew right in front of the TV and I think I blacked out. Actually, I grabbed Ruby and ran and locked us in the bedroom! Mike ran out in the front yard with Bo and just propped the front door open!  He could see in through the big window in the front of our house and he kept telling me when the bat was in the kitchen, in the living room, went upstairs...it was CRAZY SCARY! When he said it went upstairs, I ran outside (with a pillow for protection just in case!!) and we just stood in the driveway and watched the stupid, tiny bat, take over our house! It was freaky- I was screaming a lot and Mike was not very manly about it. So we just waited until it finally found its way out the front door and then we went back in and I looked everywhere for bat shit!!  We still don't know how it got IN the house, but I think it snuck in when Mike let the dogs inside at dusk?! He is now very careful/scared looking when he lets them in at night!!!!

4. Bo should've been a "CHOCOLATE LAB"

For some reason, my parents have a million types of hot chocolate, chocolate pudding mix, and various kinds of chocolatey powder in their house, and Bo has found them ALL!! Two weeks ago, he ate way more than we realized and was sick for days, puking up wrappers of all kinds!! Yesterday, he opened their lazy susan and found and ate this one, along with some lentils and chicken broth...


He really has a thing for chocolate! He figured out how to open our cabinets at home a while ago and got into my chocolate casein tub a couple of times before we moved it up high! He doesn't ever try to get the vanilla or strawberry flavored protein, though! I am tired of using this website!! 


5. I got a new tattoo!

Some of you may know my favorite quote by Henry Rollins (HERE is a link to the full article), or at least you've seen me refer to it on Instagram (or on my shoes!). I had been wanting to make this meaningful mantra a permanent part of me for awhile, and I finally did! This week has pretty much been a post-meet recovery week for me, so it was the perfect time to do it. I am in love <3


6. I have overcome post-meet depression

This past week was hard for me physically and mentally. I felt way worse than I expected after the meet- I think all the stress of July just came crashing down on me and crushed me pretty good. My coach had me take it easy and really focus on recovery, which I did. I slept extra, rested my body, ate well, but I still wasn't feeling right. All week, I felt like I was getting sick, but never actually got completely sick, if that makes sense. Even this morning when I went to train at Powerhouse, I just felt bad and definitely not like myself. Well, fast forward to this afternoon, I prepped some food for the week, had myself a little bro-sesh in the garage, and snapped myself out of it.


I seriously do feel so much better and I think this afternoon was like one giant "refresh" button! Thank goodness because I hate feeling run down and not as energized as I usually do. Now I'm all ready for a nice fresh new week, have a new program I'm following (I'll fill you in soon on what is next for me!), and I just know it's going to be a great one... because I said so!!


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