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my strength over time

Hi guys! I got a great question last week, and I wanted to share it with all of you...


Before I talk numbers, here is a simplified look at how the past 3.5 years of my life can be categorized! You can also CHECK OUT THIS POST for a more detailed background story!

March 2013-March 2014: Learning to Lift

April 2014-December 2015: Crossfit/Olympic Lifting/Endurance Training UGH! (towards the end, lifting became my top priority so I cut down to just 2 WODs a week)

January 2016-July 2016: Strictly Powerlifting (followed RP's Strength and Hypertrophy Training Templates, and then Personalized Programming by my Coach Chris)

To make things easier to see, I made this graph showing my one rep maxes over the past four years!


Please note:

  • The first set of maxes (July 2013) are after a few months of training, and just learning proper form from my coach. I started to love lifting, and it started changing my body within weeks, but I had very little confidence at that point! 
  • In my Crossfit days, I didn't train bench once, so on the graph, my bench press remained the same for 2014 and 2105, although I did not test it in 2015. 
  • My nutrition changed drastically just over a year ago (June 2015- present/forever!), which has seriously changed everything for me!
  • There is no "end point" for me, no final goal, no deadline. I have always just wanted to get better (and better, and better, and better!) I have and will always celebrate any new achievements, big or small.
  • My strength has increased so much in just the past 6 months or so, and I am beyond excited to see what is ahead for me! With smart training, proper nutrition, and the right people by my side, PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY, the sky is the limit <3
  • Although my mode of training and focus has changed over the past four years, I don't think that more than three days have gone by without training in some way. It's really all about dedication, consistency, and making it a priority!

So, thank you Cara for the question and I hope this answers your question and helps other readers just see that getting better and stronger takes time, hard work, and consistency! It doesn't happen overnight and everyone is different! We all have different starting points, backgrounds, goals, priorities, genetics, lifestyles, etc, so just be YOUR best self every single day, and you're doing a great job! XOXO

two stop grocery shop + one carb waffles

two stop grocery shop + one carb waffles

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