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prepping food, my new program, and what's next

Happy Monday! Today was my first day back to work, so I want to start by showing you how I get my food ready for the week in the simplest way ever. For those of you who also follow RP, you might think of food the way I do: P, G, C, and F! For those of you who don't know about RP, each meal (depending on the day, time, your training, etc) needs a certain amount of protein (P), greens (G), carbs (C), and fats (F), so that is how I prep and store our food. Now, this is only for the meals that we take to work (usually two or three meals each day). Our post workout meals, dinner, and bedtime meals are not prepped ahead of time, we make them fresh each day. 

This is our typical and super simple lineup:

  • P (93% lean ground beef)
  • G (green peppers and cucumbers)
  • C (Ezekiel bread)
  • F (Skippy Natural Peanut Butter)

Prepping it all for the week takes about 20 minutes, and then assembling our meals takes like 2 minutes a night because everything is right there, all ready to go, and just needs to be measured out. So, so easy. 

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So, let's talk about what's next for me powerlifting wise! To put it simply, I'm just going to be getting better for awhile. My next meet won't be until after the new year (don't know the exact date yet because there aren't many meets posted/planned this far out!) BUT, this time, I will compete in the USAPL, which is a different federation than the one I competed in this year. The weight classes are different in the USAPL, and they are actually not very good for me because I naturally fall right in the middle of two of them. The weight classes that I am in between are 57kg (~125lbs) and 63kg (~138lbs), but I could never cut down to 125lbs, so I will compete in the higher weight class and try and grow my hamstrings and glutes a lot between now and then!

So, for the next five or six months, I will be going through a few hypertrophy and strength cycles, working on my weaknesses, and strengthening my strengths! One of the biggest focuses is my deadlift, which I have talked a little bit about here before. My deadlift has pretty much been at a standstill for over a year, and that's not good. I am doing some experimenting right now with a semi-sumo stance. Full on sumo stance just does not feel right to me and I feel like I am going to break, so my coach has me doing a semi-sumo position where my feet are about halfway between my conventional stance and a full on sumo stance.

It is feeling better and better, but the real problem is that my glutes, hamstrings, and hip flexors are just not very strong or developed. To strengthen these parts of me, my coach has programmed a bunch of exercises that I haven't done much of before (hip ups, safety bar squats, barbell split squats, 45* back extension snatch grip deadlifts, GHRs, hamstring curls, "heavy ass sled pushes", and MORE crazy stuff!!) Let me tell you, it's kind of killing me and challenging me in the best way possible! 

My new program has me lifting four times a week like I was before, but the days are organized differently and I'm liking it a lot. Sundays are my "Max Effort Lower Body" days, Tuesdays are my "Max Effort Upper Body" days, then Wednesdays are "High Rep" days for lower body (SO SO HARD/DEATH!!!) and then Thursdays are "High Rep" upper body days. The lower body days are way more challenging for me and take so much out of me, but that tells me right there where my biggest weaknesses are! My coach also has some short runs and rows programmed for me, as long as I am feeling good. All of my powerlifting training is done in the mornings before school (even the runs and rows), just in case anyone was wondering about that!

SO, that is my update for you guys! I hope you had a great start to your week and I will see you later! 

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