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six days out: training update, goals + it brings me to life

Happy Monday! I'm officially six days out from my meet, so I wanted to give you a little training update! This meet is a "Push-Pull", which means I am only competing in the bench press and deadlift. My main goal for this meet is to get a better deadlift than last time (and hopefully a new personal max), and to increase my bench press, even if just by a little ;)


Bench has been feeling so good, it is kind of weird. The other day, I worked up to 170#, which was a five pound increase from my all time and meet PR. I am just a little mental/superstitious, so I wanted to try it again two days later, just to make sure I really had it. I did. I am also still undecided about whether or not I am going to get a lift off from Mike this time. I've been doing my own lift offs lately, and I think I like getting the chance to really feel the weight myself and take control of it myself. I'm going to decide on Wednesday, but ya, these are the things that consume my mind ;)

My coach has me doing all different kinds of presses, which have helped make my bench more strong and solid in the past couple of months. I've been doing floor press with the bar and with dumbbells, incline dumbbell press, cambered bar press, bench press with the release weights, so many different presses and I LOVE them all. Weighted pull ups and dips have helped a lot as well. 

Here is a little clip of something that has been helping my bench- bench press with weight releases. It makes me feel real strong. This week, I came down with 180#, then the releases came off and I pressed up with 160#... 12 times with 45 seconds rest between each rep. It felt great- hard towards the end, but great. 

My coach also has me doing some deadlift variations, which should help me too. One of the worst/best are the double paused banded deadlifts. Here is a little video of what they look like, but basically my feet are standing on bands that are around the bar as well. I pause at mid shin, then right about the knee, before exploding to lock out. As the bar gets higher, the resistance against it goes up, and they are TOUGH! Honestly, I see stars and taste blood sometimes with these things, but I can feel them helping me through my sticking point(s)!

This morning, heavy front squats at 210# were on my program, but honestly 210 felt ridiculously easy, so I kind of broke the rules and went up from there. Luckily my coach doesn't frown upon this most of the time because he knows I know my body and myself enough to make smart decisions. And sometimes, you need to decide to start your meet week off with a PR! My last front squat max was 205# I believe, and it didn't come easy, so I am THRILLED with this!

So let's talk about goals for this meet! For bench, I want to get 77.5kg (170.8 lbs) and for deadlift I am aiming for 145kg (319.6 lbs). Those are going to be second attempts and we will see what happens for my third attempts!! I am planning my warm ups and everything later this week with my coach... So excited!!!

I just finished reading (actually listening to) Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and I am completely obsessed with everything about it. First of all, I got these Beats wireless headphones with my new laptop, and didn't ever think I'd love them the way that I do! I downloaded Audible and listened to Big Magic (read by Elizabeth Gilbert herself!) while cleaning the house, cleaning out my closet, cooking, and just basically getting stuff done. 


But back to the book, I think that I still need to buy the paper copy because basically every other sentence is one that I need to have written down right in front of me. It just speaks to me over and over and over again. I'll leave you with this quote that I love so much. Training and lifting and being strong and powerful and better everyday and healthy and active and competing against myself and inspiring others to be strong... that's what causes a revolution in MY heart. So for those of you who may wonder "Why?" or for those who say "She's crazy/obsessed/insane etc".... Here you go. Here's my WHY. It brings me to life.


Have a great week <3

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