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part 2: my first powerlifting meet

Everything that happened on Sunday is kind of a big blur to me now, so I am real glad that I have pictures, videos, and notes to help me remember what happened! Once I was at the gym, everything went pretty quickly. I got all of my numbers from my coach, verified my openers and rack heights, found out what "heat" or "wave" of lifters I was in, and then it all just started!

My parents, sisters, and some very special friends who are more like family came to my meet, which was really awesome of them! My parents had been to some of the Crossfit competitions I had done, but no one ever really sees me lift (except on all my videos!) I thought I would be more nervous than I was, but at this point, it was like there was no time to think and no option but to get up there and lift!

(photo cred to my sister Beth!) 

(photo cred to my sister Beth!) 

Since it was my first meet and first time ever competing in anything as an individual, we played it pretty safe with my numbers. My openers were all numbers that I could do multiple reps of, and my second attempts were my most recent and consistent maxes in training, and then my third attempts were PR attempts and we would see how I felt going into those!  

Here are my numbers for this meet and the results...

I ended up breaking the Massachusetts records for Squat, Bench, and Powerlifting Total in my weight class! The previous records were a 231.4 lb squat, 126.7 lb bench press, and 677.9 lb total. 

Here is a video of my lifts (openers for squat and bench press aren't on the video)

How did it all feel? Honestly, all of my squats and bench felt.... easy?! It was more just that I felt a little shaky or "off" with the whole pressure thing! Once it was time for deadlifts, I was honestly just tired. My back was tired from standing a lot, and I think with all of the spikes and dips in adrenaline by that time (about 1:30ish), I was just starting to get drained. But, I pumped myself up and my first two deadlift attempts went up pretty easily and fast! For my third, my coach and Mike suggested that I make a big jump and just go for 325 (rather than 314 or 319). I wasn't sure about it because I know that I do better with smaller jumps, but I went for it (and failed it). I do wish that I had just gone for 319, but I am not upset that I missed 325 because I got it off the ground, which is huge for me! I will have that 325 in July ;)

Thank God for this guy! He is always right by my side in all that I do, he pushes me everyday, gives me confidence when I am questioning my own, feeds me, and takes care of everything and then some! He also did a very good job of giving me a lift off on my bench press during the meet, and that is not an easy job!!


Here is my coach, Chris! He had been trying to get me to compete for years, and I am glad I finally listened to him! Better late than never ;) He knows me really well (for 10+ years now!) and I'm excited to go forward with him as my coach.


My awesome friend, Evan, came to my meet too, which meant a lot and definitely pushed me! He is so so strong and whenever I lift around him, I get stronger too ;) Him saying "Ain't nothin' but a peanut" (talking about the weight that is about to be lifted) seriously helps me and just really does give me confidence under heavy weight- as weird as that may sound!! 


It was a longgg day (we left at about 4:30 and had been there since 7:45), but it was an awesome first experience! I am so excited to get stronger and better and I'll update you on my plans next time! Thanks for reading and for all of your support xoxo


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