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all things training + the worst thing about me

Hi there! I hope you have all had a great week so far. I have been keeping myself very busy and have been loving every second of summer vacation. I say this every weekend, every day off, and every vacation, but I could 100% keep myself occupied and very happy if I never had to work again. 

My daily routine goes a little something like this: GET UP. LIFT. YOGA. DO WHATEVER I WANT. Add in a lot of eating, and that is pretty much my life :) I did go into my new classroom twice this week and worked for about 3 hours each time. There is certainly A LOT to do in there, but I got a good start on it! 

Speaking of yoga (again), I have been going every single day. I am so in love. I swear it has been keeping me healthier than ever with all of my lifting because it is forcing me to do the pretty intense mobility work that I *should* have been doing all along. I really haven't been feeling very sore or tight at all, even though I have been going heavier and doing a bunch of pause squats and  other more intense lifts. It also just makes me really happy, so that is always a good thing!

I am a month out from my next meet, which is a "Push-Pull", meaning I will be competing in the bench press and deadlift, no squat this time. Training has been going great, and I am doing all kinds of different things that are just making me stronger overall. Some of my favorite "new things" are the cambered bar bench press (I posted a video of this on my Instagram on Sunday--- love it!), heavy pause squats, heavy front squats, heavy push press (I like HEAVY) and wide grip pull ups, floor press, and snatch grip Romanian deadlifts. 

My deadlift is definitely my weakest lift these days, and it is really going to take some work and tweaking to get my numbers up. I had a heavy single the other day of 310 (you can see it on my Instagram too!) and I got it, but it was harder than I wanted it to be!

Next week, I am supposed to hit 315 (my all time max) ?! Pray for me. JK, but you can send your strong deadlift vibes my way!

Bench has been feeling amazing, though. Here's a video of today's bench work...

Overall, though, I am feeling stronger and more solid mentally and physically.


Here are just a couple of food pictures I've snapped over the past few days. I've been eating a lot of egg whites during the day lately because they're just so quick and easy to make. Plus, they are really filling, especially with all the veggies I put with them. Our house does constantly smell like eggs, yes ;)


I love this quote. My yoga teacher quoted the second half of it the other day in class, but the first half makes it a thousand times more meaningful and relevant to me and my life. 


I've been thinking a lot about all kinds of things lately and I think I have pinpointed what just may be my worst quality.  I remember every single negative/critical comment anyone has ever made about me. For real. They are engrained into my heart and I NEVER forget them and could repeat them word for word. I won't go into detail or give examples, but I really wish these negative things would just bounce right off of me rather than stick with me the way that they do! It's something I am really going to work on now that I am so aware of it. Luckily, I also remember the really kind and wonderful things people have said to me as well, and I think of them often and lean on them for courage or reassurance sometimes. 

That's all for tonight- have a great one!! 

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