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showering around town + sunday stuff

Helllooo!! Some nights I'm in bed while Wheel of Fortune is on, and some nights I'm hanging out at the gym ;) I have my class on Thursdays and we got out really early, so I figured it was a good time to get a walk in and a shower. 


Our bathroom is still not done and I don't even want to talk about it, so here's a pic of me leaving the gym after showering there. Maxi dresses come in so handy in this situation and make packing the gym bag effortless. Mike also told me I looked like a princess when I got home, so that was nice!


Friday afternoon, I got a cold! It was the weirdest thing because I felt fine all day, but that afternoon and night, I felt very sick. I think all of the bad sleeping wore me down and caught up to me, but I figured it's better that it happens now than in a few weeks. Then yesterday, I felt really REALLY bad, but had my niece's first communion, so I spent the day celebrating her and then came home and went to bed.

This morning, I had plans to go test some of my numbers and do a little "mock meet" at the gym where my meet is taking place. When I started lifting three years ago, this is where I went, and friend Chris was my trainer there. He has always stayed in contact with me and checked in on me over the past few years, which has been so nice. I send him videos of almost all of my lifts and he helps me out a lot. So now, he is kind of coaching me again and helping me through my first meet (along with Mike, who I am pretty sure believes he is my coach ;) which is awesome and makes the whole thing less overwhelming.

I still felt real sick this morning and wasn't sure if I'd be able to lift at all. After my water, two coffees, and a romwod, I was feeling better and really wanted to go see what I could do in these non-ideal circumstances!   

Here is Bo "helping" me work my way into pigeon during my romwod

Here is Bo "helping" me work my way into pigeon during my romwod

Mike and I headed over to the gym around 9, and I am pretty happy that my lifts were where I expected them to be. It was really good to practice with Chris giving me the commands that I will be getting on meet day, and it definitely added to my nervousness, but that's what I need to get used to!

I worked up to a 265# back squat and felt like I could do more, a 160# bench press twice, and my deadlift was stinky and I only went up to 300# today (Check my Instagram for a video of the squat and bench!) Now, magically, I feel so much better!! Lifting heals me!

This week is kind of a transition week for me and I'll be deloading, but adding in some extra glute and hamstring work and some other fun and different stuff. The three weeks after that, I will be peaking for the meet, so that means I'll be doing lots of heavy singles and doubles, which I am really excited for. And then it will be meet week and I will be tapering for the big day and getting myself 100% focused on crushing some weights. Eeeek!! 

After our workouts, Mike and I headed to breakfast, BJs, and Bed Bath and Beyond like real old people #sundaystuff 


I got a Vegetti at the store, so right away, I made zoodles with chunks of garlic, and topped them with taco meat for lunch and it was soooo good! I love having warm lunches on the weekend because it doesn't happen all week long!  


And now I am trying to convince myself to just go and fold a gigantic pile of laundry!! In the meantime, this Granny Smith Apple flavored seltzer is actually really good and refreshing- I'm always searching for new yummy flavors if you have any suggestions :)


Hope you have a great night!!

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