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back to school, a snack, and it should be hard!

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! This week is actually flying by for me, so that is pretty awesome!! Only about 7 more weeks until summer vacation... I really can't believe that! Counting down the weeks ring by ring (tomorrow we will take off the bottom one!)


Monday morning, I was definitely still in vacation mode. I try to get back in the house by 7:20 to get ready for school, so at 7:15, when I still had a couple of sets left to do, I realized I had better speed things up and get back on my schedule.


My class has been so good and sweet this week (knock on wood), and I just love them. Last year was a real crappy year, this one is pretty great, and I'm a little scared for what's to come next year, but I'll enjoy this one while I can! That's the life of a teacher, I suppose...


Mike and I are mostly back at home now, except the shower isn't ready to use yet. This whole traveling between two houses thing is way too tough for people who are super regimented like me and Mike. And we don't travel lightly between all of our food, clothes, shoes, bottles, dog stuff, and shower stuff. 


I wanted to share with you one of my favorite snacks! So you know how much I love Joseph's pitas, well this is a way to make a sweet treat that tastes like fried dough! We don't have a microwave or toaster, so I always just throw my pita in the oven for a couple of minutes so it gets slightly crispy and warm. Then I let a little bit of light butter melt on the top of it and sprinkle on the Kernel Season's Kettle Corn flavored seasoning (AMAZING!) and some cinnamon. It seriously takes 4 minutes total to prepare, and is my favorite sweet thing these days! Try it!!


I've been feeling kind of "off" this week because of way too many nights of not sleeping well. I've been feeling stiff and tired, and just not myself at all. I swear that losing a few hours of sleep effects me more than the average person. Last night, I was determined to sleep well and I went to bed at 7:30. Like, I didn't even stay awake for Jeopardy (serious old lady status FOR SURE!!!) When my alarm went off at 4:50 this morning, I was still in a deep deep sleep. I'm starting to catch up, but still not feeling 100%.

I'm glad my lifts on Sunday went so well, because the rest of my training this week has been just ok. I got my four sets of squats with 250 lbs in yesterday morning, despite feeling like a zombie, but it took a lot out of me. So many thoughts go through my mind when I am squatting, it's not even funny. I find that the things I think between the second and third rep are the most important and determine whether or not I will make that last rep! You can kind of see it in my (very tired) face.

I benched and deadlifted this morning and still felt very groggy and not as good as I did on Sunday. BUT I do need to remind myself that these past few training days are the last ones in this strength cycle, "week 4" is notoriously hard, and it SHOULD be hard if I've truly been working to my maximum potential all these weeks!

Now it's time to rest a bit because I am going to test my numbers on Sunday. Once I get a pretty good idea of where I am, I will plan out the next five weeks of training leading up to the meet. Eeeek!!

Since we have no shower still, I had a little extra time this morning to make a nice, warm breakfast. I've been loving plain egg whites with salt and pepper this past week. I had my greens and some carbs on the side. Eating > showering anyways ;) 


Have a great day! 

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