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spring fever + the last ten things i googled

Hi guys!! I'm definitely in vacation mode over here, and having some major spring fever! This weekend was all about spring house projects (and lifting of course!)  

Saturday, I spent the day running around getting plants, taking our planters out of storage, getting some new stuff for our deck, and making the outside feel very spring-y and happy! 


I'm in love with these little Buddha citronella candles I found!  


When Mike got home from work, he spring-cleaned the front yard and mulched around the new plants I had planted. It looks so much brighter and better over here (outside at least- wait until you see the disaster that is inside).

Some necessities for my errands and hard work... 


Sunday morning, we had a great morning of lifting. I've been hitting all my numbers and feeling nice and strong and solid, so I'm really happy. You can check some of it out on my Instagram if you want :) Then we had breakfast before a day of projects began! 


I got a fancy new food scale that I'm obsessed with. You can just use it like any old food scale, or you can input a code for the food that you're weighing and it gives you all of the nutrition facts for it. It definitely simplifies things- I find it most useful when measuring fruits and veggies and trying to get just the right amount of carbs or protein.


Then, the bathroom renovation began. Our ugly bathroom will be beautiful soon, but now it is just even uglier... 


I spent the rest of the day cleaning and listening to lots of swearing. Luckily, the rest of the project is in the hands of professional plumbers and contractors- I can't wait for my shiny white everything and marble floors!!!

This morning, Bo joined us in the garage for our workout! He found the sunniest spot and just sat there looking like a dog model.  


Then I spent the day shopping with a friend, and I am headed to yoga in a few minutes! I love not working more than anyone will ever know. 

I thought it would be fun to share the last ten things I googled! I feel like what you google can tell a lot about you and what's going on in your life at the moment! Here it goes... 

 1. How to plant lettuce

I bought baby lettuce plants and some herbs on Saturday and had to figure out how to plant them!! We eat so many vegetables that we would need an entire farm to grow everything for ourselves, but I just got a few things that would be fun and easy.

2. Last minute Caribbean deals

With the whole bathroom thing, I was looking at cheap last minute deals and considering fleeing the country for a few days, but figured that summer vacation is right around the corner and our winter vacation is certainly worth the wait.  

3. The Vintage Barn Belchertown

I was in search of night stands for our bedroom and was going to see what they had at The Vintage Barn, but I ended up finding perfect ones at Marshalls and TJMaxx during my Saturday errands!!

4. French country furniture

Again, searching for night stands. 

5. Oh ya protein bars

I was thinking of giving these a try instead of Quest Bars and wanted to check out the flavors and nutrition facts. Verdict: I'm sticking to Quest Bars (mint chocolate chip is my favorite flavor!)

6. Casein cookie

I drink my casein protein every night and have heard of and seen people making a cookie instead. Verdict: not for me! I really like my bedtime shake!  

7. Microblading near me

My eyebrow is definitely scarred after my run in with the door, which means that I have to draw in part of it daily. I just cannot do that forever, so my eyelash stylist said she is going to get liscenced in this sometime in the near future, and I wanted to see what it was all about.

8. Sugar free flavored syrup

I was looking for the toffee nut flavor to add to my vanilla casein, or coffee, or whatever, but I couldn't find the sugar free version. 

9. Hip numbness Inzer belt

My new lifting belt is finally starting to feel more broken in, but my upper thighs and hips are pretty numb to the touch- like all the time now! I wanted to see if it was a common thing- and it is- and should go away the more I use it! 

10. Why do I weigh more in the morning

I am one of the weird people who tends to weigh more in the morning than in the afternoon! Most people lose a pound or two overnight, but I weigh less when I weigh myself at around 3 or 4pm. I've only been tracking because my weigh in for my meet is the afternoon/evening before the meet, so I wanted to see how the time of day might affect my weight. Very interesting, but I found that there are other people out there like me :)

I'm nosey... What was the last thing you googled?!? 

That's all for now! Have a great night! 

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