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"do you compete?" + training this week so far

Hi guys!!! Happy Wednesday, although I thought it was Thursday for the first couple hours of today {not too happy when I realized it wasn't actually Thursday}!!


I just wanted to give you all a little update on my training lately! I also wanted to explain a little bit about what kind of competition I am doing, for those readers who don't really know what powerlifting is all about!

A lot of times, people will ask me, "Do you compete?" And I ask back, "In what?" Lots of times they are asking about a bodybuilding or figure competition, which powerlifting is definitely not. It is also not like a Crossfit competition, which I have competed in in the past. The powerlifting meet I am competing in first is a "full meet", which means I will be seeing how heavy I can back squat, bench press, and deadlift. The federation in which I am competing in also includes a strict curl, so I will be finding my max strict curl as well. I get three attempts at each lift, and will start with a weight that I know I can get as my first attempt, and then go up from there. I don't know what my weights will be yet, but as the meet gets closer and my training continues, I will figure all of that out! 

The federation I'm competing in has very strict rules about everything like drugs {don't do them}, what you can wear, how big your belt can be, what materials your shirt can be made out of, etc etc etc. It's all very technical and important to know the rules so that there aren't any surprises to mess with your head, performance, or results on meet day. There are also very specific commands during each of the lifts, and if you don't practice them or follow them, your lift may not even count. So there is a lot that goes into this sport besides just being strong! I still have a lot to learn and practice, and I know that my first meet will not be perfect, but I want to go into it as prepared as possible for my "first time". I already have a second meet in my calendar, so this is not an "all or nothing" thing- it's going to be a learning experience and my first time competing in my new sport. 

So anyways, now that some of you have a little bit of a better idea about what I'm training for, here is how it's all been going this week!   


On Sunday, my deadlifts felt heavier than they should have, but this morning, I had the same sets and weights and they felt great. It really does just go to show that every day is different, although I like to not have too many variables that could affect my training. I keep my diet, sleep, and activity level very consistent, so that most of the time, things don't feel TOO different. 

Back Squats 

I was really happy with my squats this week! As of this morning, I am done with heavy back squats until Sunday when they get heavier!! I squatted more weight more times than ever before and felt really strong and solid. Of course the last rep of each set was challenging, but I didn't fail on any of my sets!  

I feel like for so long, I've been squatting the same weights all the time, so making that jump to a bigger number really was kind of scary, but mentally I was ready for it (and obviously physically). I WANT to squat heavier, I want to squat heavier more times, so I tried to think of my new number as "no big deal", and it helped me a lot.  

Bench Press 

Sunday's bench presses went great as well, and tomorrow morning, I am expecting them to be just the same. I am feeling really strong and confident with my bench press these days and right now, it is my favorite lift of the three main lifts.  

Here are my last two sets from Sunday morning... Tomorrow morning I will have the same weight with more volume- can't wait! ย 

Besides the main lifts, I am doing a bunch of accessory work to strengthen my back, hamstrings, and pretty much every muscle in my body. I am doing pause squats as well, which are seriously intense and I can tell that they are helping my squat and overall strength already. I'll have to show you some of those next time... they kind of kill me (and my hamstrings and glutes) though!!! Check out my Instagram for some videos of some bits and pieces of my accessory work and lifts throughout the week :)

Hope you're having a great week!!! See you back here soon!ย 

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