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on motivation

"I don't know how you do it!" "I just can't motivate myself!" "How do you stay so motivated?" I get questions and comments like this all the time, so I wanted to talk about MOTIVATION today. 

Before I fill you in on what  motivates me to stay healthy, strong, and fit, you need to know one very important thing. YOU are the one who needs to want it. Every. Single. Day. If you do not truly want to get or be fit, eat well, and feel and look good, you won't. Or, it won't last. Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to realize that you want to change your life. Other times, you will just wake up and realize you don't want to feel the way you've been feeling anymore, so you take a chance, make some changes in your eating and exercise, and get hooked from there. However it happens, you have to truly want it for YOURSELF.

1. Make a Plan

Every week, I have a plan for when (and how) I will train and what I will eat. This way, I don't even have to think about it except for once a week, which is great for my busy life. Maybe it's the teacher in me, or my Type A personality, but if I make a plan, I am going to follow it. Without a plan, it is easy to hear your alarm go off at 5am and say "No, I'm gonna sleep for another hour, and I can just workout later", or "There is nothing to eat so let's order (insert any not so healthy food here)". These are all bad little habits that add up day after day for those who do not make a plan. But don't forget- YOU have to want it, otherwise, you aren't going to WANT to stick with your plan!


2. Be Prepared

Before the week begins, I make sure all of my workout clothes are clean and put away so that I can just grab what I need without thinking. The same goes for my food. On Sundays, Mike and I stock up at BJ's and then I get all of the food for our lunches ready, so that I don't need to think about it on the busy weeknights (Do you notice this non-thinking theme?? It is key!). I cook up the protein and carbs that we will need, chop the greens, and put it all in the fridge so that we can measure out what we need when it is time. Mike handles dinner most nights, which is either chicken, steak, or salmon and roasted vegetables. On Thursdays, we get grilled chicken salads and on Fridays, we usually go to our favorite restaurant. Sometimes, the Friday plan becomes a Saturday plan instead, but we are prepared either way. The bottom line is that there is never a day where we are searching Pinterest for recipes, or asking each other what the other "feels like" eating. 


3. Find a Buddy

I have the best buddy ever now (my husband Mike), but it wasn't always this way! When I first started lifting in 2013, I was all alone in the journey. My trainer was really my only buddy- the only other person who really cared about my fitness journey! Mike was not really interested in fitness or a healthy lifestyle at the time, so even though I was getting fitter and stronger and being a little more conscientious about what I was putting into my body, there was still a huge disconnect between "that life" and my life with Mike. We went out to eat a lot, made a lot of fro-yo trips, drank a lot, had pizza every Sunday, ate a lot of candy, and so on. Luckily, after about a year of living that double life, Mike decided to jump on my bandwagon and we became a team. It could be a whole entire post in and of itself, but this was a major turning point in my fitness journey and it boosted my motivation exponentially. We cut down on the eating out, candy, and fro-yo. I totally banned "Pizza Sundays" and I stopped drinking completely. For over a year and a half now, we have been motivating each other to work out every day and be active, to eat better and better to fuel our bodies and make ourselves feel our best. Most of our conversations revolve around food and training, and it has really just become our lifestyle. So find a buddy who shares the same goals as you and they will help you stay motivated and accountable- and you'll do the same for them (you're welcome, Mike!)


4. Ignore the Judgers and Doubters

Remember what I said at the beginning- you have to do this for YOU. There are so many people in my life who do not support my healthy lifestyle or my goals. I am talking immediate family and people who used to be very close friends! The bottom line is that people are going to either support you and go out of their way to show you that they are proud of you, inspired by you, and interested in your life, or they will completely ignore that entire aspect of your life and become very awkward around you. Or they will make faces when you refuse a glass of wine, try and convince you that some dessert won't kill you, or look shocked at the fact that you choose sleep over watching TV shows because you have goals that you want to get up and work towards. Your priorities are different than theirs, and they try and make you question your lifestyle  Personally, I try my best to ignore it and believe that there is something within themselves that they are unhappy with and I make them uncomfortable. Lean on your buddy and surround yourself with people who do support you and share the same goals as you

5. Realize that there is no "end point" 

 I think this is HUGE. In my mind, there is no endpoint to this lifestyle. I'm not trying to look good for a vacation or for summer, I'm not trying to just get strong for one powerlifting meet or competition (these are just perks that come along with consistently training and eating well!) People have asked me what I am training for and why I am "wasting" all this hard work by not competing more often, but it's because it is what I love doing and what makes me feel good and happy. Having this mindset helps me stay motivated- I am doing it for ME!


6. Remember Where You Started

Im not saying that there aren't days when I don't really feel like doing anything active at all, or when coconut crusted shrimp sound amazing to me! But, I try and listen to my body, and indulge if I really want to (or I decide to indulge by buying new lulu or lilly instead- hence my overflowing closets!!!) Since this is a lifestyle, I can do these things and then get right back on track without much of an effect overall. However, I often think back to where I started and acknowledge the fact that I don't ever want to go back to being that person who felt terrible and didn't love who she was. I don't like looking at old pictures because they bring back bad memories of all the negative feelings I had about myself, but I just try and remember the way I felt instead. That is more than enough motivation to just get up and move even when I'm feeling lazy, or to stick to my meal plan!


I hope some of this will be helpful to someone out there who is struggling with finding motivation inside themselves!  And if you need a buddy, I can help- or follow me on IG {@liftinginlilly} for more frequent updates!!

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