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A Training Update!

My training and schedule has changed a lot over the past few months, so it is time for an update! A lot of people in real life and on Instagram ask me what program/s I follow, how many days I do certain lifts, how much cardio/running/metcons I do each week, etc. Honestly, my training is one of those things that is constantly changing, which is a good thing! If you're always doing the same thing, boredom, injuries, and a lack of motivation are just some of the downfalls that you may encounter.


So, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, competing is something that I enjoy. It is scary, nerve wracking, and totally takes me out of my comfort zone, but I love it. I am going to try out  competing in Powerlifting for a few reasons. First, I really want to compete against people who are my size and see how I do! I feel like I am pretty strong for my size, but in Crossfit competitions, I am small, which is a disadvantage overall. Second, my first love fitness-wise has always been lifting. It is what initiated the change in my lifestyle and body a few years ago, and it makes me feel my best, so it makes sense that I am drawn to this sort of competition. Finally, I am doing this for me. Obviously in any competition, you are competing against whoever else is there, but you are also really competing against yourself. For me, it will put my training and strength to the test, along with my ability to deal with the nerves and pressure (that I put on myself) when it really counts. So that is kind of the "WHY" behind the changes in my training. 

Right now, I am on my third week of a five week hypertrophy program and I am going to go through another five weeks of it (with different exercises) when I finish. Hypertrophy training is designed to increase muscle size, and I'll tell you already, I can really feel it in my lats, shoulders, hamstrings, and glutes already! When I finish the hypertrophy training, I will move on to a strength program, which is designed to get my new muscle stronger. I am doing this four times a week, and each training session is between 50 and 90 minutes. 


As far as conditioning goes, I am doing two metcons a week. I am getting these workouts from all different sources (Crossfit boxes' websites, trainers' Instagram pages, my own brain), and I choose them based on a few factors: time, equipment, space, movements. I want all of my conditioning work to be under fifteen minutes, requiring equipment that we have in our garage gym. I also think about space because if it is a day Mike is joining me, I make sure that we have enough space to both do it at the same time, or I turn it into a station/circuit type of workout.  Most importantly, I choose workouts with movements and rep schemes that will not trash my body for my lifts. I love using the gymnastics skills that I have worked so hard to learn (handstand push ups, toes to bar) and the powerful lifts that I have become more efficient at (snatches, cleans, push press, jerks). But, if anything is going to leave me unable to squat the next day without cringing, or rip my hands so that it hurts to deadlift, I'm not going to do it. 

(below is the first round of a workout Mike and I did on Tuesday morning- it's on my Instagram for more details!) 

Here is what a typical week looks for me right now:

Sundays' and Wednesdays' training includes deadlifts and squats, which I like doing after I've been awake and moving around for awhile. I've found that my deadlifts feel a lot better later in the morning or after school because I am more warmed up and everything is just more open. Sundays are also my heavier bench day, and I have to do that with Mike around so he can spot me (and give me a lift so I don't lay there pathetically like I did here....)

Mondays and Thursdays, I start working out at 6 and I am done by 7:15 or 7:30. Then I shower, get ready for school, and I am off! It is so incredible having our gym, I can't even tell you. The freedom it gives me, the extra time it gives me, the happiness is gives me (and Mike)--- it's seriously priceless. 

That's all for now, I hope this helped answer some peoples' questions and clear some things up! Let me know if you have any more questions :) Have a great night!

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