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I have decided to put together a little series of posts called "A Peek Inside..." and give you an inside look at different things in my life. Since I spend about 90% of my life in workout clothes {whether I am working out or not!}, the first edition is a peek inside my workout clothes closet. A friend asked for a post about my favorite clothes to workout in, and at first, I thought it would be kind of boring and redundant because I only buy from one place... but then I thought about it and realized that I certainly have my "favorites" and I love items for different reasons and purposes. So here you go, a peek inside my workout clothes closet! 


lululemon everything

Say what you want about lululemon ("it's too expensive", "it's see-through", "the founder shamed overweight people", yada yada yada). lululemon is incredible. The fit, the style. the quality, the values of the company, the fact that years can go by and if something happens to your lulu, you can bring it in and they will let you replace it for free... I could go on and on. It is all I buy for workout clothes and all I wear for any and all of my training. Too bad they don't make singlets because I was forced to buy one from another company! 

Align Pant

For: Yoga and Daily Life

Why I love them: They feel as smooth as butter and like you are wearing nothing. I seriously can't stop rubbing my legs while I am wearing them. The 7/8 length is perfect for me, and the high waistband is really comfortable for yoga. 

Wunder Under Pant

For: Lifting and Daily Life

Why I love them: They are slightly compressive and I prefer to have a lower waistband for lifting. They come right to my ankles, and they are always coming out with new colors and patterns, which I love.

Lighten Up Bra & Wunder Under Pant

Lighten Up Bra & Wunder Under Pant

Boogie Shorts 

For: Lifting, Metcons, and Running/Walking

Why I love them: They feel like the Wunder Under Pant, except without the legs. They come in fun colors and patterns, let your lower half feel free, and show off your well deserved leg and bum muscles. I personally prefer the low/regular waisted ones to the Roll-Down ones, but I get whatever patterns and colors appeal to me!

Swiftly Tech Racerback

For: Yoga, Lifting, Metcons, Running/Walking, Daily Life

Why I love them: I literally wear these tanks for everything. They are the perfect length for me (not too long like some other lulu tanks), and they are so light, you feel like you aren't wearing anything. I like that they are very fitted and I have a ton of colors to fit my every mood :) I even wear these tanks with my Lilly shorts in the summer, to the beach over my bathing suit, everywhere, with everything, all the time. 

Swiftly Tech Racerback + Align Pant

Swiftly Tech Racerback + Align Pant

Energy Bra

For: Running, Metcons, Yoga

Why I love it: This bra is nice and compressive with good coverage and keeps everything in place. It's great for being upside down and jumping all round,  while still being super cute with fun straps and pretty patterns and colors. 

Free to Be Bra • Free to Be Wild Bra • Lighten Up Bra 

For: Lifting, Walking, Yoga, Daily Life

Why I love them: The colors, patterns, and straps are always fun, but I really love the flattering band around the ribcage. It is nice and thin, which really lets my lats be free and comfortable, and I like how there is just enough coverage, but your whole upper body doesn't look like it is covered in a bra! I have a kind of short torso, so a wide-banded bra can easily take over my body- these bras just feel amazing!

Free to Be Wild Bra and Boogie Short

Free to Be Wild Bra and Boogie Short

Ok, there is one non-lulu item that I am in love with because of how they fit- RokFit's Booty Shorts. They are so comfy and flattering, but the quality is not great. I already have to order another pair of my white ones because they are getting very worn out and it ain't pretty ;) This wouldn't happen with lulu, I can promise you that! 

Swiftly Tech Racerback + RokFit Booty Shorts

Swiftly Tech Racerback + RokFit Booty Shorts

What are some of YOUR favorite pieces of workout clothes and why?!?

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