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a little training update

Hi guys! I promised an update on my training, and it is going really well! I'll give you the short story: All of my lifts are going up, I am recovering well, and my muscles are happy. 

I have decided to register with the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation!!!


My first meet is on June 5th and then I will do another one in July! I am excited to have a solid date now so that I can plan the next 12 weeks out accordingly. I even ordered my singlet already, which might have been scarier than anything so far! I'm excited for all of it, though!

I will be competing in the 132lb weight class, which is great because I won't need to lose any weight and I can really just focus on getting strong and making solid lifts. I have four more weeks of my hypertrophy training cycle, then I will be doing a strength cycle and eventually peaking to prepare for this meet. Honestly, the biggest thing I am worried about is my nerves!

And now for some pictures and videos of my workouts this week...

My friends got me a belt so I can do weighted pull ups now! I added ten pounds last week, and I will go up by 5 pounds each week, but Mike is crazy and was doing them with a 53lb kettle bell. He wins! 

Here is one of my sets of bench press this morning. I am really working on pausing with the bar at my chest between reps to prepare for the meet and the crazy rules of Powerlifting

Squats this morning had all kinds of scary veins popping out of my face, neck, arms, and who knows where else! 


After Mike and I finished our workout this morning, we gave the garage a good cleaning and I had to take a picture of the pretty thing. I love my little house, but this is my favorite part of it by far!


We got a rower, which Mike is really excited about. We also got an E-Z curl bar, which I am really excited about. Is that weird? Curls for the girls ;)  Actually, the strict curl is one of the lifts for the meet I am doing in June... fun fun! How cute is this little bar?!


The only cardio I did this week was Low Intensity Steady State, aka walking fast uphill. I walked on the treadmill early Friday morning, and today, Mike and I took the dogs on a 4 mile power walk! I started doing ROMWOD in addition to going to hot vinyasa, which I am loving. I especially love how I can find routines based on my own personal needs (hips and hamstrings are usually on the top of my list!) I am starting to build up a little library of "favorites" that I will share with you soon. 

Have a great week! I'm off to pretend that it is Friday night and I am 8 years old without a worry in the world... 


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