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things i haven't told you

I don't know how, but I managed to get Mike to take me shopping on Black Friday night! Neither of us had ever gone to any store on Black Friday (except probably the grocery store), so this was kind of a big deal. It was actually pretty pleasant at Westfarms that night- especially if you were like us and had no plan, schedule, or list!


Mike is a good, good man, but he has a bad habit of leaving things he needs in my car without me knowing (wallet, cell phone, work cell phone, etc). Then he has to come find me and break into my car to retrieve his belongings. This is sometimes the only way I know he even came and found me and my car...


My Bo Bo is a pretty boy. He is completely crazy, but he is also a really sweet and good boy. He is definitely a giant, furry shadow and will follow you around all day long. Here he is waiting for me to get out of the shower... 


The people who rescued Bo down in New Orleans just sent us this baby picture of Bo the other day!! The whole story is so sad and makes me want 800 rescue pups, but I am really happy we got a picture of him when he was a puppy! He always has that super skeptical look on his face (usually followed by tons of barking or lunging at your face!) If you're looking for a puppy or dog, please check out Labs4Rescue!!!


It's been rainy, cold, snowy, and dreary a lot lately, but I don't let it get to me. If you're looking for me,  I'm very easy to find-  just look for the brightest, prettiest colors and patterns in the sea of blacks, browns, and grays. 


I do own black and gray things, too, I guess. Mostly in the form of workout clothes and these pretty sneakers.  


The other night, I needed something out of our storage unit. As soon as Mike opened the door, I realized that nothing is coming out of there any time soon. Nothing!


Now that our house is officially sold and closed on, I can fill you in! The house we moved into and are buying is my parents' house. My family moved here right before I started high school, so it's kind of the house I grew up in, but not completely. My parents are moving to their beach house in April, so until then, we are all living together. There's a lot to move out.... like, everything from forever.... and lots of planning going on in Mike's and my head, but I have a vision and can't wait to transform this house into our own! Once the real stuff starts, I'll show you what we are up to!! And it will be nice to have the house still be part of the family and a place where anyone can come back when they want or need to.

Luckily, the garage was the first part of the house that we transformed because, well, priorities. We installed new lighting in there the other night, and it has made a huge difference. These lights are so much brighter than the small bulbs that were in there before, they are energy saving, and they pretty much last forever.


There are only 15 days until Mike and I head to our favorite/most special place on earth to celebrate Christmas and our 2nd wedding anniversary. Excited isn't even the word <3


I hope you're having a great week!!ย 

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