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weekend update

Let's just say that I am pretty glad last week is behind me! Scheduling parent-teacher conferences for the same week you are moving is probably not the best idea ;) I guess it's a good thing though, because all of the craziness was bundled together and now I feel so much better!  


My para was out all week, too, so the timing of everything was just really wonderful ;) By the time Friday rolled around, I had to wear this shirt which says, "Recess is my spirit animal"... love it! 


After school Friday, I stopped at BJs to stock up on a ton of stuff, and came home to find a dead mouse directly under my foot. I screamed, ran and hid in the corner, and realized it's the second mouse Ruby has killed this week (the first was outside and NBD... this one is giving me nightmares!!!) 



Friday night and Saturday were spent organizing our things and getting more settled. Here is a little peek at our new giant bed that I have always wanted!! I am in love with it- and the new lamps I found that perfectly match with the nailhead trim!


Saturday night, we headed to our friends' house for a birthday party! You know it's a fun night and you're really enjoying the company when you don't look at your phone for the whole entire night <3

Today we went to lift, and I really owe you guys a training update because I am changing things with my deadlift again. I'll have a post up about it this week for those of you who care!! 

We had to go cancel my other gym membership (where I sometimes go to run/walk at 5am) because it is now too far to get there that early in the morning. I was actually sad to cancel because I love that place and I've been a member for 8 years I think! It just has everything you could ever need and they let you do your thing, and it was really inexpensive. But, after driving there this past Monday morning, I just knew it was too far and I would be dreading the drive everytime, which we all know is no bueno on the motivation front. 

Then Mike and I went and became even bigger townies (as if moving back to our hometown wasn't enough) and joined the YMCA, which is about 3 minutes from our house now. We got a couples' membership and it will just be much more convenient in the early morning hours on the days when we want to go walk/run/spin/do some active recovery stuff.

After that busy morning, I was so ready for this delicious meal....


And a couple hours later I had this turkey, pickle, and honey mustard sandwich on a pita, along with a giant kale, spinach, arugula, and cherry tomato salad! 


And now it's time to eat again and RELAX for the rest of the night. Hope you had a good weekend!

training lately

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