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a nut butter family portrait

Hi guys! Happy Friday!!  It was a really great first week of school- I love my little second graders :) 

Tuesday morning, I did my Endurance workout and then the kettlebell WOD like usual. It was 12x100m sprints Witt 30 secs rest between efforts. I love 100s and 200s- I feel really fast and they go by super quick! 

The kettle bell WOD was a weird one- 


After school, I had Romanian deadlifts to do. I like 5x5 week better than 5x3. This was 5x5 at 235#.  

I also grabbed our box of amazing veggies and it was full of beautiful tomatoes and a bunch of other farm freshness. I'm pretty sad that next week is the last week of our CSA :(


Wednesday morning, I didn't take a rest day and did a very quick 7 minute AMRAP. I really wished it was about 3 minutes longer... 


I hate doing errands, but I've been really really good this week about making lists of things I need at school that will make my life easier, and then getting them checked off that list right away. Things like an extra wall clock so I can see the time from my table, snacks from BJs for the class, batteries, random little things from Staples--- I've made lots of stops after school this week and I am usually so bad about doing that, so I'm pretty proud of myself! Some of it, like a fancy new pencil sharpener, I did rely on Amazon for, though ;)  

Thursday morning, I doubled up on my lifts because the box is closed for a 4 day weekend. I did my push press and back squats and felt nice and strong for all of my sets.  

I also thought I would share this family portrait of all the nut butter in our cabinet right now. Cashew butter is really my favorite, but I like it toooo much, so I don't even keep it in the house...  the powdered ones are awesome ( you mix them with water) and I eat them when I don't need the fat- all the others are for when I do! 


Tomorrow morning, Mike and I have a workout date at the track, so I'm gonna go and come up with something real good and sweaty for us to do! Have a great night!! 

a nice long weekend

a day in the life {first day of school}