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how i prep for the day ahead

Happy Tuesday! These pretty little snapdragons in my pineapple pitcher are so cute, right?!  


Monday morning's WOD was a little burner that required some serious focus. I haven't been working on my snatches like I did back in the winter, but after a couple rounds, I got right back in the groove.  

I used 78# and it was funny because the first round was fast and easy, but as soon as I got off the rope and went to start my second set of snatches, it hit me and I had to slow down and really focus.  


It was a great warm up for the Lilly After Party Sale! My back to school shopping ;) 


I am covering the box all week for the first half of the day and find myself prepping for each day the way I do for school days. So, I thought I would share how I get ready for each day the night before, because there is no way I could be doing it at 4am and remember everything I need!  

While I am cooking dinner, I make all of the meals that I need for the following day {except dinner and my bedtime drink} . It just makes it easier to cut my greens and cook my eggs while I am cutting and cooking other stuff, then it can all be cleaned at once. This week, I have ground chicken already cooked, so I just weigh that out to add to my two meals that I bring. I also measure out and prep overnight oats, which are super easy and delicious.

I put all of my prepped meals in the bottom drawer of the fridge so that in the morning, I can put it all in my FitMark bag without even thinking about if I'm forgetting something. 


My FitMark bag already has my fork and spoon in it because forgetting those things is the most annoying thing ever.  


I also get our coffee ready to brew and I have my blender bottle ready with my protein and carbs already measures out- just need to add water and ice in the morning.  


I lay out my workout clothes and coaching clothes and make sure I have everything I will need in my gym bag. On school days, I will add a real person outfit to the mix... 


And that's it! I really have gotten this stuff down to a science and it makes everything run very smoothly at 4am and for the rest of the day! 

Have a good night! 

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