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non-stop week

Hi guys! Sorry this is kind of a long post, but this week has just been non-stop- so here it is, all in one post! I'll be better next week :)


The week started out SUPER humid and it made this WOD pretty terrible. The runs were awful, I felt like I was suffocating the entire time, but I ended up finishing in 14:45 with 75# on the bar for a whole lot of snatches and overhead squats.


Later that morning, I squeezed my 5x5 back squats in before coaching and went heavier than I have in my new squat position. They felt great and I can tell I'm definitely getting more comfortable squatting this way and figuring out how deep to go on my own. Progress.


I went and did the EWOD while Mike lifted, and Bo came along for the first time.


He was a good boy, and the EWOD was a nice, fast, sweaty one: 2x400m, 6x200m, 2x400m. My eyelashes were dripping with sweat. My coach told me to enjoy this one because Thursday wouldn't be so "fun". I knew what that meant {you'll see in a minute!}

When I got home, I was on a mission to finish the bathroom walls project that I had started on Friday. The steps went like this: Take off tile. Try to remove adhesive, realize that was impossible, so instead, chisel away the top layer of the wall. Fill in chiseled away wall with joint compound. Wait 24 hours. Do it again. Sand, sand, sand, sand to make the walls as smooth as possible. Prime walls. Touch up imperfections. Repaint walls- two coats. Paint ceiling and trim. Woof. I spent a lot of days looking like this and kind of wanting to cry! 


But, it's looking good now! I can't wait for the new floor, vanity, and tub- it's going to look so nice and fresh! 


The outside of our house is all done now, too, so I've been having fun decorating the deck and making our yard look nicer. With all of the gray and white inside and outside now, the biggest pops of color come with our flowers in the front and back- and of course, my amazing Lilly umbrella. It makes me so happy. 



I took a total rest day on Wednesday, but headed in to coach. I know that I have a lot to learn as a coach, but I just love helping people and encouraging people to try new things and be better. If I can inspire someone in their fitness journey, I feel like I'm doing a good job.


After coaching, I headed to the mall in search of some new running shoes. I immediately fell in love with these and feel like they are so "me"!


I absolutely love them, and they are really comfortable and supportive without looking all bulky like a lot of running shoes.


So this was what my coach was referring to on Tuesday: 5x1000m with 2 minutes rest between each run. I convinced Mike to come to the track with me for this one.


It was tough, but I went fast {for me} for all 5 runs, even though it hurt a lot of the time. I only timed the last three and they went 4:21, 4:22, 4:23. The first two were definitely faster, probably 4:19 or so. I was happy with how consistent I was and how I definitely pushed hard for this EWOD. 

When I look back at this from September 2014, {this was 5x1000m with a 1:1 rest- wayyyyy more rest than this week's 2 minutes!} it makes me see how much I've improved- which makes me REALLY proud of myself.

September 2014

September 2014

Just looking back at that post, I realize how much I have changed in SO many ways. I really need to write a post on the different aspects of my lifestyle and personality that have changed in just the past year- I find it pretty interesting/amazing.

All of my lifts this week were right where I wanted them to be, and I was feeling good and recovered, even though I had been putting in a lot of work with the Endurance and skill work {working on learning butterfly pullups}.


Now I am ready for a nice weekend on the Cape. These guys are pretty excited too, they definitely know the routine now! Β 


Have a great weekend!Β 

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