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a good week in my world

Tuesday morning was a morning I had been looking forward to for the past six weeks... 1 rep max deadlift day!!  

If you've been reading along, about 4 months ago, I got 290x1, then we did deficit deadlifts for six weeks and I got 290x1 on those, so this time, I was aiming for 315#. I went off 315 for all my numbers this strength cycle, and grew pretty confident lifting those bigger numbers for 3 and 5 reps. Basically, once I get the bar off the ground even just a tiny bit, I'm good to go and it moves pretty quick after that. 

Tuesday morning, though, I was doubting myself a lot because I was SO sore from last week and the weekend! I spent all of Monday resting, rolling, drinking lots of water, and eating, in hopes of getting rid of as much of the soreness as possible. I woke up Tuesday and my quads were still pretty shot, squeezing them like you do at the top of a deadlift felt like someone was sticking knives through both of my legs. For real. I told myself I'd see how I felt after a good warm up and a few deadlifts, and maybe postpone my 5x1 until Thursday. 

After my first two lifts, I decided I would be fine {my legs hurt, but weren't making me any weaker} and I just wanted to do it! I didn't jump right from 285 to 315, though, I did 300 first to see how that felt for the first time. It went up pretty good, and my coach said 315 should be no problem as long as I attacked it the way I did 300. Here it is!!!!!

And here is my ridiculous "I just hit my numbers and am so happy/proud of myself" face. :/ One of my millions and billions of faces I make every day.


My coach was way proud of me too. I can't believe I lifted that much, honestly, and it felt awesome!!! 


Whenever I have a good lift, I go to school in such a good mood. Some people have caught on to it, but it is a little embarrassing how much it affects my day! 

During 5x1 week, we don't have kettlebell WODs after our lifts {and I miss them very much}. But yesterday's Metcon definitely made up for them this week! I finished almost 12 rounds- five sit-ups short! Everything hurt {legs still, tight back from deadlifts}, but it felt great to sweat a lot in the early morning humidity. 


This morning was 5x1 shoulder press, which I was nowhere near as excited about as I was deadlifts the other day :) I like shoulder press, but I get annoyed at how my numbers don't make sense! For all of my 3 and 5 rep lifts, I go off of a number that is 5 pounds heavier than what my 1 rep max actually ends up being. So this time, I was going off of 110 and making most of my lifts, but knew my max would really be 105. I'm very happy with that {up five pounds from a couple months ago}, and I guess I'm glad I've figured out how my numbers work for this lift in particular. 

So here are my numbers from this morning...  


And this afternoon, I squeezed in the EWOD before the thunderstorms came in. 3x 1000 meter runs... It was super hot & humid and I got a real good sweat going!  My face leaving the Box= tomato.


And just a few random things from this week... 

Mike wanted to cut down this gigantic rhododendron bush In the corner of our yard, but never got around to it before it bloomed. The other day, I walked into the guest room and saw how pretty it looks out the windows in there and decided we cannot cut it down!! I love it right now!  


I found my new favorite piece of clothing. I hate wearing real clothes- the only things I ever want to wear are sports bras, workout clothes, and comfy dresses. Growing up I was really weird about clothes. I would only wear overalls, elastic waist pants, and comfy stuff for a long, long time! Well, this romper is like the cute adult version of overalls and I will be wearing it all the time- I'm gonna need it in a few more patterns ASAP :)


A new favorite color combo: coral & plum. Just when lululemon almost lost my boogie shorts loyalty because they were making all boring colors, they came through with a couple brights. Thank you!!! Now if only they'd make white.


Rubes and Bo are loving the warm, sunny days and are officially the dirtiest dogs of all time thanks to the dirt pit that has become our backyard! 


Have a good night! 

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