nine workouts in five days

Even with all of the excitement around here this week, I had a great and busy week of training! I have a lot to catch up, realizing that I squeezed nine workouts into five days!


I had a feeling we would have a workout with a bear complex in it on Monday for some reason! I was right, but it was just one Bear rep (1 power clean, 1 front squat, one push press, one back squat, and one push press) each minute, then either 10 sit ups or 5 hand release push ups after the bear rep. 


I ended up scaling up a little with 78# on my bar (just up from 73 or 75 depending on if you use the male or female bar) and I did 12 sit ups and 6 push ups because I had lots of extra time each minute. It was a good "wake up the week" workout! And I loved it when my coach came over and drew a flamingo near my writing to make things more fun that morning :)


We are on our new strength cycle and it was a great start with deadlifts! I took my percentages off of 315# (eek!) and felt great! 


The kettle bell WOD was killer, and I loved it!! 


Tuesday afternoon, the Endurance Workout was 6x400 meter runs with 3 mins rest between each one (that rest was key to not dying here!) I did the EWOD with my friend Kelli again, and it was so much better doing it together again! 


Wednesday's partner WOD was a tough one, but Mike and I teamed up and crushed it! We split the row into 500m each, then switched off and did sets of 10 of everything else, switching off. When we got to the thrusters, I did 10s and he did 5s, which was good for us because I am a little faster with those, and actually holding the plank was burning everything inside of me, so I was happy to only hold it while he did 5s!!


We finished in 10:32 Rx and felt accomplished. This time, my coach drew me a beautiful pineapple and it brightened my day! 



Shoulder press on Thursday went well, and I am going off of 110 for my numbers right now. I asked my coach why he didn't ever draw me pictures like Coach Dawn, and he showed me why.... ;) 


This kettle bell WOD was a great shoulder and core workout! I used the Rx 35# kettle bell and my everything worked hard! 


Thursday afternoon's Endurance Workout was 3x1000 meters every six minutes. So, the faster you finished, the longer you could rest before going again. It was beautiful and warm and sunny and the perfect afternoon for this! I finished my runs between 4:30 and 4:40 every time and felt strong (probably just happy because of te gorgeous weather!) 


This morning I was pretty exhausted and wasn't sure I was going to do the WOD, but decided to do it anyways so that I would SUCK LESS!  


The jumprope I usually use was being used, so I used my Rx Jump Rope (I don't use it much because I decided I don't really love it)... Well, I messed up a bunch on my double unders which I shouldn't have--- oh well. I'm still glad I did the workout though because my handstand push-ups were very good and I did them all unbroken! As soon as I got to school, I ordered an RPM rope and can't wait for it to get here! (There was one I had been using at the Box for awhile and LOVED, but it's gone now, so it must have belonged to someone else! Oops!) 

Next week is my last week of shadowing On-Ramp! I'm actually going to be taking over and teaching it while my coach watches me (which brings me right back to my student teaching days and scares me hahah!) I'm excited though and can't wait to get my yellow coach's shirt!

I'm also soooo excited that it is now my vacation week!! I am praying that the next nine days go by very very very slowly. Have a great night- we are off to walk the little monsters!