I have to tell you guys about 15.3 before 15.4 is announced tonight! I have kind of been putting it off because there is a lot more that went into 15.3 for me {and for Mike} than I can really explain right now. I will just say that I was away all weekend for my Level 1 {more on that soon!!}, and when I came home on Sunday night, we had to very unexpectedly put our 7 year old black lab, Brutus, to sleep :( It was, and is, the saddest thing we have ever had to do, and it's just been a really really tough past few days for us. 


Monday morning, we woke up kind of numb. We did not sleep much at all, and hadn't eaten much in the past 24 hours. Normally, we wouldn't even think of going and doing a tough workout in the condition that we were in. But, going to the box seemed like the only thing we could do. It really is like our second home, and our coaches are like family to us, so that was where we wanted to spend the morning. We both still hadn't done 15.3 and knew that if we were going to get judged and submit our scores, we had to do something! I was honestly planning on just taking a zero because I had never done muscle ups before, and didn't really feel like I was magically going to be able to get them that morning. Mike was feeling pretty weak, but knew he could get at least a few muscle ups, if nothing else. 

We hung around for awhile, talked, stretched, and started to feel somewhat normal, and then Mike decided to go.  He definitely surprised himself {and me} when he got through the first seven muscle ups pretty easily. Then he went to the wall balls, the double unders, back to the muscle ups, and then wall balls again. I have no idea where he pulled the energy to do it from, but I was so happy for him! He did so much better than he expected, and I think it made him feel a whole lot better, at least for 14 minutes. 

Here he is making a muscle up look pretty easy...

I watched a few other people go, Mike did another workout, and I tried to mentally prepare myself for taking a zero on 15.3. My coaches were awesome about it, knowing the cirumstances, and the fact that I've only worked on muscle up progression a little bit. They told me to just try one muscle up a minute, so I wouldn't completely tire myself out or get super frustrated. That sounded fine to me, but in my own mind I knew that if I came close to getting one, I wouldn't want to wait a whole minute to adjust something and try again. I also knew that if I got just one, I would be sooo happy. Basically, I went into it planning on getting one and then stopping. As I set up the wall ball and jump rope, I felt silly because I thought there was NO WAY I would be getting to those parts anyways. 

I am so happy I was wrong. Something in me changed when that clock started and the judging sheet was out. I missed my first couple, but only by a little bit. I started to feel more comfortable throwing my lower half into the air and pulling my upper body up. It was the best feeling ever when I got my first one! My coaches, Mike, and the couple other people who were there watching were so awesome and supportive!

Here is my very first one...

I ended up doing all seven, then had time to do the wall balls and 67 double unders. My wall balls and double unders were somehow better than ever, so I was extremely proud of myself and very happy!


I used every bit of my emotional energy at least though, because as soon as the clock ran out, I just had to sit. My coach snapped this awesome picture of that moment that I think captures every bit of emotion that was going through Mike and I that morning. 


So that is my 15.3 story. Each week of the Open so far, I have conquered a major fear and proven myself wrong. I have showed myself that I am capable of doing hard things, no matter what. I can't wait to see what tonight's announcement will bring, and although I am sure I will doubt myself at first, I have a feeling everything will be okay.