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15.2 + 30.0

On Friday morning, Mike and I both didn't go workout, which is very weird for us. He was pretty sick with some sort of cold thing, and I was just distraught over 15.2.  I was totally in a funk about it and mad that I probably wasn't going to do that well on it. I was definitely not looking forward to it at all and knew I had to get my mind right before I was going to do it.

I thought maybe I would go after school to do it, or at least do some sort of practice for it, so I fueled myself well all day long.  


I headed to the box at 4:30ish and wasted a whole lot of time stretching, warming up, watching people do the workout, and practicing a few chest to bars and some OHS. Finally, my coach and I had a heart to heart about me and my skills, goals, etc and we came up with a good game plan. He said I could do the workout with him when he did it later that night, and that made me feel a lot better, so between that and the game plan, I finally felt ready to go. Mike came too, with Brutus, since it was now after 7! I like going against him in WODs, but I also like when he just watches me!


I knew the overhead squats would be no problem, it was the chest to bars that I was worried about. Mostly I was worried about not being able to finish the first round in under 3 minutes- I just didn't know if I'd get no-repped a lot, or how the pull ups would feel. The game plan was to break them up and just do 2 at a time, get down, then get right back up for 2. I followed directions really well and I didn't miss any reps. I was happy to almost finish the second round... My judge was another coach who I trust a WHOLE LOT too, and when I knew I wasn't going to be able to finish all of the 12's, he said "every rep counts" which definitely made me push and get a few extra reps in instead of just feeling defeated. It definitely stuck with me because it is something I've been saying to myself this week so far! Overall, I was happy because I did more than I expected to, and I'm really glad I ended up doing it Friday night because the rest of the weekend I was exhausted and busy!

After 15.2, Mike and I stayed up too late after going to a late dinner. This is the beginning of my exhaustion. Saturday morning, I was up early and headed to do some errands and yoga. I planned on staying and doing my Oly work, but I knew that I was just too tired. So I went home, but then Mike came home and took me to lunch and lululemon! We came home and I immediately passed out on the couch for 2 1/2 hours and was woken up by Mike telling me I *had* to get up and we had to go to dinner. Never ever does he rush me, so I thought this was weird. Then he got dressed and was a bit dressier than normal, so I knew something was up! The next thing I knew, we walked into Typical and my family and close friends were standing there with balloons! I hate surprises, but I was so happy they were there to celebrate with us! My niece made me a lovely banner that must have taken her forever to color!! It was perfect right above our table :)


Why don't more people wrap presents with pearls!?! I loved this so much.


It always amazes me how well people know me.


Between staying out a lot later than normal on Friday and Saturday and the time change, I was 100% shot on a Sunday {my actual birthday}. We did nothing for most of the day, and then ventured out to UNOs with some Crossfit friends for a little benefit for a friend of ours.

This is my super tired look. Thank god my sister got me the comfiest sweatshirt that still looks pretty at the same time!


I had a really great birthday! Between my mom's awesome countdown {1 present each day of the week leading up to my birthday}, spending the night with people I love, and Mike spoiling me like crazy {seriously crazy! he got me wayyyyy too much stuff!!!}, my 30th birthday was one I will never forget <3

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