couch to beast mode

I laid on the couch for 92% of Saturday and Sunday and cured my illness! Thank goodness. I think I've really mastered nipping colds/flus in the bud at this point.

The only activity I did all weekend was go out to dinner with Mike on Valentine's Day. I wasn't really feeling up to it between the frigid temperature and the snow piling up that night. But, it was our third V-Day together and our third year going to Typical Sicilian for the occasion {even though we go there A LOT, they make it extra special on V-Day}. It was delicious and once I was out, I felt better anyways...

I am the master of creating outfits that are basically pajamas, but look like real clothes. Lululemon crops, tank top, light camo jacket, lululemon vinyasa scarf, and Tory Burch boots {with cozy socks underneath}! Take off the coat and boots and it's time for bed.

⬇️bad picture but it's all I've got! 


Monday morning, we got up and headed to the box. Somehow, I went from couch to beast mode in an instant- although it was a serious shock to my system and I really didn't feel so good after the very first row!! It's weird being one of the firsts to do the WOD because it's hard gauging time/pacing. It forces you to go all out or "allows" you to sandbag I guess. I like having a goal time or something to try to beat- my coach said 12 minutes would be really good, so that kind of helped me push myself. It was a really tough WOD and whenever I was taking little breaks breathing, I kept thinking that people would be trying to beat my time all day after this, so I better keep going. Lol! Competitive much???

I finishd in 14:19 Rx and was happy I beat Mike {unlike Friday!}

This morning was something I had been looking forward to {worrying about} for a while now.... back squat 5x1!! I love back squatting. Last strength cycle, I had some mental issues feeling the heavy weight come off the rack, which my coach helped me work on by having me stand under 405# a bunch of times! I had some more trouble this strength cycle with my 5x3 at first, probably from being away "island hopping"  and living off pain killers and hummus. But two or three weeks ago, things started clicking again and I hit all my numbers for 5x5 and 5x3, working off a projected max of 240#. 240 is a lot. Back in August, I squatted 230#, but it was tough- I failed on 225# and then had to have my coach "spot me" for 230#, which is something we just don't really do at Crossfit!

So anyways, I was psyching myself up for this. I had to have steak last night. I had to wear the same exact outfit I wore when I did so well on 5x3 last time. I had to use the same rack as last time. I had to have my old purple BCAAs, not our new clear ones. I have issues. BUT IT WORKED!!! 


Poor Mike! He did end up grilling because he is a good, good man! 

Here's the lift... 

I'm very happy to have PR'd on all my lifts this strength cycle! I just feel super strong lately {and a lot more confident being under or picking up heavier and heavier weight!!} I think that my metcons, endurance work, strength work, and oly work are just all coming together for me. Thank you CrossFit Journey for your super smart programming!!!!


I hope you have a happy Tuesday!!