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the beginning of my week + magic in the air

Hi guys! Here is a picture I forgot to share on Sunday- me riding in the back of the car with two dirty, crazy dogs. We brought Mike's mom to the airport, so I took one for the team obviously, and rode in the back. It was a real fun ride ;)


So many people see Mondays in a negative light, but I honestly love them. They start with a metcon, and then school usually flies by because we have so much to do at the beginning of the week. 


After school, I head right home to lift and it is usually my hardest lifting day of the week, but I feel great for it coming off some extra rest over the weekend. Then, I head right to hot yoga to stretch it all out and by the time I know it, Monday is over and was super crazy productive!

Here are a couple of my lifts from this past Monday...  

...and yoga was a super sweaty one. There was a whole lot of "high plank--- low plank" (like 40+) and I was feel all of the benching with pauses, but I still felt really strong. Also, a twist on wheel was pretty challenging after everything else- instead of coming down between each pose, we just tapped our heads on the mat and went right back up into wheel. TOUGH. My clothes are never more drenched than after that class. I lovvvvvvvvvvve it!


Tuesdays are good too- starting with endurance work (on the treadmill in the cooler/cold weather) in the morning. That wakes me right up and I kind of just continue sweating from yoga the night before. Then after school, it's another tough lifting day, but it's almost my rest day, so I do my best to give it everything I've got left. 

Yesterday, I did my front squats and then decided to keep working up to a heavy single. If you follow me on IG, sorry you already saw this, but here it is. I fought hard for it and pushed through that stupid sticking point. During front squats, I really just try to focus on keeping my chest upright, keeping a SUUUUUPER tight core (major power belly going on!), and keeping my elbows up as high as I can. If I let any of that go, I can pretty much guarantee I'll lose the lift. 

I had to do strict pull ups, but I added in some of the L-sit pull ups I finally figured out last week. This time, I kind of strung them together, although inefficiently because I had to reset my heavy legs every time. 

Today, I rest. This morning, I let someone turn in front of me at Starbucks and they bought my coffee for me. I thought that was so nice and felt badly that I couldn't say thank you. My class was so sweet and well behaved today, I wanted to cry because they just made me so happy. A guy at Cumberland Farms told me he loved my dress and then said some wise words about how "we're all in this together" and I don't really know what he was talking about, but it made me smile. There must be some sort of magic in the air today....


I hope you're having a great week! 

happy christmas eve

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