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the least best week (but it's really not that bad :)

Hi guys! So, last week was the best week of the school year (2 days only!), and this week may be the least best ;) It is parent-teacher conference week and we have them before school and after school, which just makes for realllly extra long days and very little time to do my normal prep work. But, I mentally prepared myself for this long and semi stressful week and I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend already :)

The key to success in all aspects of life is definitely preparation. And consistency, that's extremely important too. Monday morning was a little tough mentally after five amazing days off work, but I prepared myself to feel that way. I made sure that everything else in my life was ready and organized to avoid as much stress as possible.


Monday's WOD was a good one: Β 

My traps were on fire and I finished in 13:29 Rx.  

That afternoon, my squats felt awesome- 3x3 at 230#, then I decided to add a little more...

I also was determined to get 10 strict pullups, so I did.

And then I went to hot yoga to stretch and twist it all out. The utkatasanas killed me once again! Mondays are long days for me, but I like jumping right into the week like that!

Today I got home super late from my conferences, but my front squats were still the best ever. 6x3 at 195#... here is a glimpse at that...

I really can't believe it's December and we leave for St. John in 3 weeks!!!!!! That thought alone can get me through this week <3


Time for bed! xoxo

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