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last week

Hi guys! It's been way too long since I've posted- sorry!! Now that it is this weekend, I will fill you in (quickly) on my week, starting with last weekend.


A couple of my good friends and I spent the weekend out in the Berkshires at Cranwell. We spoiled ourselves with all of the spa stuff, massages, a spin class, and just pure relaxation. It was pretty amazing and the perfect time of year to get away and relax for a couple of days!

Last week was also quite possibly the best week of the entire school year- only two days long!  


Monday's workouts:  

AM WOD: 12 minute AMRAP of 50m farmers carry w/ two 53lb kettlebells, 50 double unders, 50m farmers carry, 50 air squats. 

It was a quick one, but the air squats got me in the quads. I finished 4 rounds plus 29 air squats. So that's 229 air squats. Mhm. 

PM LIFTS: 5x5 on deadlifts (265#), back squats (210#), and bench (130#).

Then I went to hot yoga and almost cried during the hundreds of utkatasanas my teacher had us do. It definitely seemed like more than usual ;)

Tuesday afternoon, I did a bunch of skill work and snatches and took it kind of easy on my poor legs.  

Wednesday I had off from school and enjoyed every second of it. I headed to lululemon, then came home, lifted, and relaxed- pretty much my three favorite things to do right there ;)

On Thanksgiving morning, Mike and I did a partner WOD. To start, we warmed up with a 6 minute AMRAP of 50 double unders and sit-ups...

Then we did 50 of each of the following (reps broken up between the 2 of us, one person working at a time): •thrusters •pull ups •overhead squats •burpees •power snatches •toes to bar

We steamed up the garage and it was a the perfect start to our thanksgiving! 


Yesterday, I enjoyed another day off and worked out with the garage doors open because it was so warm! It was amazing. Later in the afternoon, I felt like I had to really make the most of the nice weather, so I went for a run outside- no music, no dog, just me enjoying the fresh air. Without thinking or looking at my Runkeeper app, I ran the 4.8 miles with a 7:31 average pace and felt great!


Then, I went to a special Friday night hot yoga class and it felt like a real bonus to get to go twice in one week! It was awesome.

Today, so far, has gone like this: "Charlotte", lift, eat, drive around looking at towns we want to move to, chase Mike around BJs, eat. Now we are just hanging and cleaning until it's time to eat again ;) 


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! 

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