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some things that made me smile this week

hi guys! i'm literally writing this between sets because I am super short on time, but wanted to fill you in a little bit on my very busy week. so, here are some of the things that made me smile this past week (aka the LONGEST week ever)

Monday: Hot Yoga

Yoga night is my favorite night of the week every week. I stopped going for a long time because I am pretty busy/sore/tired by 6:15 (when class starts), but for the past couple of months, I've made getting there on Monday nights a priority. My muscles need it because I am so sore. My mind needs it because I am so busy. I feel so much better physically and mentally about 12 minutes into class and for the rest of the night and the next day. 


Tuesday: A seven year old's manicure

Some of these little kids seriously make me feel so not put toether haha! This one in particular always has the best hairstyles and now gel manicures! The little bow that was glued on her ring fingers put me over the edge... adorable.


Wednesday: My fire being fueled

So this is a little hard to explain, but by putting myself and my life and passions out there for friends, family, and strangers to see, I open myself up to a whole lot of judgement. I have to keep looking past that stuff and look at the positives of having this blog (inspiring some people in any small way, making new friends who share the same passions as me, etc). The judgement, though, has been fueling my fire and making for some really amazing workouts and a confidence gain, so in a way it is a positive too.


Thursday: Coming home to this...

My friends and I are headed out to a spa resort in the Berkshires this weekend and my crazy thoughtful mom put together these spa-themed baskets for us.  She is pretty awesome <3


Friday: A before school date with my husband

Mike has been coming to the box earlier with me these days so we can workout together, and I love it. Friday, we did the workout and then he took me out to breakfast before school. What a perfect way to start my Friday!


I hope you all have a great weekend! 

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