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heroes + thoughts

This week was Hero Week at the box, and this year, all of the heroes were from Massachusetts. It kicked off on Monday with "Desforges" . I was definitely having flashbacks from last year, but luckily, the saying is true: it doesn't get easier, you just get better. I finished in 36:03 Rx, as opposed to 51 minutes last year. And, no rips at all, just a couple of small blisters! 

That night, I needed my hot yoga class more than anything. The teacher is amazing and I love starting my week with him and his inspirational words sprinkled throughout the 90 minutes of sweaty eyeball yoga! 


Coming home to a delicious dinner, with my steak cut and everything was pretty wonderful too :) 


My lifts this week we're great- heavy deadlifts and squats did not feel too heavy. My pre-lifting rituals are pretty intense though. 

Say what you will about treadmills and running, but sometimes this machine is a lifesaver. It's saving me and in this cold, dark season. Lots of thoughts, sweat, and stress were released on this thing this week.  


Friday's Hero was "Glen". I was pretty scared going into this one- afraid I would completely burn out on the rope climbs, but I ended up loving it. It started with 30 clean and jerks {Grace} and I actually PR'ed my Grace time by 10 seconds! The mile runs were nice, the last few rope climbs were tough, and the 100 burpees were one hundred burpees. I finished in 33:56 Rx and was happy to have learned about and honored another local hero. 

Saturday morning, we went to beautiful wedding. Green juice for the ride... 


The Boston String Quartet was lovely entertainment for the day! 


I felt real weird {and not comfortable AT ALL} not wearing Lilly.  Never again!!


This morning, Mike and I ran a 5k that our friends organize to support stroke awareness. It was fun and a really pretty course around the resevoir. We finished in 23:10 --that's the good thing about 5k's- they're over quick!


It was a busy busy week and now it's time for another one! This one will end with an amazing spa weekend with my friends, though, so I absolutely cannot wait for that! 

Have a great night :) 

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