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season of change

It seems like every year, I am more and more bothered by the cold weather. It's not even that cold yet, but I have no tolerance for it unless it's nice and sunny out and I can stand in the sunshine to warm myself. The only thing that makes this whole "summer is over" kind of ok is knowing that we will be on St. John in 81 days.


This week was kind of like a transition week for me, as I am changing up my training plan. My coach and I worked together to come up with a new plan for me, and I'm pretty excited for it and to change things up a bit. For now, it's looking like this:  

Monday + Friday: AM Metcon, PM Lift

Tuesday + Thursday: AM Endurance/KB WOD, PM Oly Complex/Squats

Wednesday: Rest

Saturday/Sunday: Endurance/Hot Vinyasa

The biggest change is throwing the Olympic Lifts back into my PM sessions. I haven't done much Oly at all since March or so, but I'm ready to get back to it. I'm also going to be doing some more focused gymnastic skill work. Oh, and the Endurance work on the weekend is new too, so I guess there are kind of a bunch of changes. 

Speaking of weekend Endurance WODs, today was my first official one and it was a 2 mile time trial. I ran it in 14:16. 

Other than that, the weekend went like this: Friday night- cozy dinner at our favorite place; Saturday- freezing cold depression led me to a little shopping spree at lululemon; Saturday night- errands with Mike, being the old people that we are; Sunday- went to visit my sister before she has her baby in 10 days {or less!}

We brought the dogs to play with their dog cousin and they are all now in comas after going hard all day long... 


See you Tuesday night with a little update on my first couple days on my new schedule :)  

this week so far

our garage gym