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where did that week go?

Woah. This past week was seriously a blur. Monday morning's WOD was right up my alley.


After I finished the workout out, I coached and went to school and all of a sudden started feeling HORRIBLE. I had a really bad sore throat, chills, aches, stuff that did not feel like the normal colds I get from my germs little students. It was so bad that I went to the doctor right after school, which I haven't done in, um, ever. Then I was reminded why I never go, because they did not help! So I just went home, skipped my pm workout, and rested.  

On Tuesday, I felt way better, went and did my endurance workout and kettlebell workout and felt pretty fine. After school, I made up Monday's pm workout, plus squatted and snatched. Too much for one afternoon, but I was feeling good, so I wanted to.


Wednesday was a non-training day, and here is my second meal of that day. I know I talked about it in my day in the life post, but luckily my prep and lunch work perfectly with when I need to eat!  Otherwise, I would be eating in the bathroom mid-math group ;)


More resting because I started to not feel well again. It was just major pain in my throat and neck- so weird- like nothing I ever usually get :(


And some more meal prep for Thursday... 


Thursday morning was another endurance workout and a good kettlebell EMOM. Every minute on the minute, complete 15 American swings and 5 box jumps. I finished all the rounds and the last round in 39 seconds. My forearms were feeling huge. 

That afternoon, I did my snatches and then had to rush out to our school's Halloween Party. I can't believe Halloween hasn't happened yet- this month is feeling like it may never end!!! 

Friday morning, I still wasn't feeling great, but not awful. Just not my normal self. The WOD was pretty gross: Rowing, overhead squats, more rowing, sit ups, moreeee rowing, and double unders. My quads were just smoked.


Throughout the day, my voice started to hurt and then get super hoarse. I stayed at school until 5 to get ready for the coming week, and if it weren't for the amazing handstand workshop I had at my yoga studio, I would have loved to have just gone home and gone to bed!

BUT, this was a big deal to me and I am SO happy I went because it was a seriously amazing night. I did headstands, forearm stands, and handstands with the help of the incredible {and very famous} teacher, Laura Sykora, and my lovely new friend and partner I met that night, Maggie. She didn't let me fall- I did let her fall- sorry, Maggie!! But she was so good at all of it, she barely needed any help. Me, on the other hand, haha. But I learned SO MUCH that will help me in my yoga practice and in Crossfit! I also just love how I feel when I am at the studio and when I leave there- light, happy, and full of courage <3


I obviously came home and practice a little in the garage. More to come this week! 

I went to bed with zero voice. I woke up with zero voice and feeling not great, which was pretty unfortunate because we had an event at the box! Mike and I partnered up to compete and raise money for Friends of the Homeless in Springfield MA. It was a really fun day with great people! The WOD was a 15 minute AMRAP of 60 wall balls, 40 power cleans, and 20 over the bar burpees. Mike and I finished 3 rounds and 32 wall balls and luckily he did about 3/4 of the burpees because those were what made me feel the worst. I did 3/4 of the cleans, though, so I made up for it :) 


After that, we went to lunch with a bunch of people from the event and then went home and did nothing for the rest of the day/night! We watched Pitch Perfect 2 and the Entourage movie, Mike got us spicy lemongrass soup, and I just rested. 

And I woke up today feeling MUCH better- and with a half of a voice!  It was a dark, rainy morning, so I went to the treadmill at about 8am and ran 5 miles, sweat A LOT, and felt even better. Then we headed to visit my sister and her little family for a couple of hours. Evie is the tiniest, quietest, sweetest, most easy going little girl! She lets her big brother be the wild one ;) 


Long week, right??! I hope yours was great!

just some pictures from the week.

it's all good