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it's all good

Happy Sunday everyone :)

It was a long and busy "short" week over here! It was very full of good things with just a sprinkle of not good (which now seems like so not a big deal at all!)...

The Good

Monday Night's Hot Vinyasa Class:  it was amazing and completely made up for the dud of a class last Sunday morning. 

My Endurance Workouts on the Treadmill:  I think I am really just pushing myself a lot harder than I did when I was doing them outdoors and not using a timer all the time or trying to hit a certain pace (aka doing them wrong!) Now, with the numbers right there in my face and nothing to worry about other than running, they are intense. And I feel like I am definitely faster than I gave myself credit for. 

Wednesday's Metcon: It was a good and tough chipper. The barbell work was 110# and from the floor-I finished in 17:06 Rx. The pull ups right in the middle there were the longest part, but I just did my best to do sets of 5, then 2s and 1s at the end. 


My New Niece: Wednesday was "baby day", so I took a half day and headed out to Boston to see my brand new baby niece, Evangeline (Evie). She is soooo cute! I had to put the Lilly headband I got for her on right away. 


Programmed/Forced Rest + Recovery: My coach and I have still been working on my training schedule and trying to figure out the best work:rest ratio. After Friday's metcon (you'll read about it in a second), he decided Wednesdays and Saturdays will be complete rest days no matter what. This Saturday, he gave me this super hard chipper ;) (Only semi-joking because I am impatient and was kind of losing my mind after 30 mins!) Then today, he made me go lay in a massage bed and relax! I also got in a 3 mile run today and do feel a lot better and I'm lucky he cares so much, not only about my training, but my health and rest.


Mike: This guy takes me to dinner and doesn't make me get out of my workout clothes, takes me to BJs and stocks our fridge, lets me watch 3 Hallmark movies in a row on a Saturday night, and then cleans the house, does the yard, and watches football while I go shopping on Sundays. I know I am a spoiled, lucky girl, you don't have to tell me!!


The Not-So-Good

Friday's Metcon: It was not a good one for me. It was 5 rounds for time of 1 rope climb, 15 toes to bar, 1 rope climb, and a 400m run. The rope climbs and runs were great, but I could not string my toes to bar at all! I was super frustrated because I have been working on them and felt like I would have to break them up into 5's, but never expected to just not be able to do them! I was really upset and disappointed in myself. Something was just not connecting/working and it sucked. I finished 4 rounds in 20 minutes. 

I hope your week was full of good stuff, and if you don't think it was, look for it, and I bet you'll find it <3

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