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how i train + what i eat

i thought this would be a helpful post for some of you readers out there! it is just an insight into what my weekly workout schedule is like and how I eat on a daily basis. let me know if you have any questions, although i am not a registered dietitian or anything like that!!


sunday: rest day

monday: am metcon / pm oly

tuesday: am lift + kettle bell / pm oly

wednesday: am metcon

thursday: am lift + kettle bell / pm endurance

friday: oly

saturday: yoga + oly


hard boiled. scrambled. fried. omelettes. on average, i eat 5 eggs in some form each day {with all of the yolks, yes!}


pineapple. canteloupe. bananas. apples. grapes. pears. i eat a lot of fruit each day {post workout, as snacks, and with my lunch}. i also get a lot of nutrients from fruit and vegetables on days when i have my cold pressed juice or make a smoothie.


i eat almonds everyday. whenever i feel like I need a boost of energy, they are what i reach for. i love them because they are crunchy, a little salty, and nutrient dense.


in the morning, i have coffee and then my big drink of BCAAs on the way to the Box and during the WOD. most days, i end up finishing it up once i am at school. as soon as it is gone, i fill up my blender bottle with cold water for the day. at home, i like drinking out of this giant jar because i swear the water tastes better out of it! it also makes me drink more water and faster than other bottles or glasses for some reason. i feel sooo much better when i am drinking enough water, it's crazy {no headaches, more energy!}


most of my vegetables are eaten at dinner, in an omelette, or i drink them in my cold pressed juice. every dinner includes TONS of vegetables, and our weekly meal plans pretty much revolve around the same ones: broccoli, asparagus and Brussels sprouts. we do mix it up with zucchini, summer squash, spinach, black beans & corn {even though i don't consider either of those to be vegetables}. peppers and onions are also mixed in with different meals throughout the week. 


chicken. turkey. pork. beef/bison. salmon. i eat a lot of meat. our nightly dinners revolve around one of the meats listed here. i often take shredded rotisserie chicken or giant turkey meatballs as part of my lunch. in omelettes or egg scrambles, ham is a necessity as well!


yes, i go out to eat twice a week. yes, i drink. but, when I go out to eat, I choose wisely, stick with a meat and vegetable, and don't go crazy. when i drink, it is either red wine, vodka & soda water, or an IPA. and it's only one or two. the thing about eating well and training hard is that it does not feel good to not. and i personally do not like feeling super full or sick after meals, and I definitely don't like feeling tired or hungover {whether it's from good or alcohol, or even just staying up and out too late}.

other really good {and pretty good for you} treats: chocolate almond milk + chocolate chip cookie dough quest bars


keep in mind: 

*everyone is different! 

*i am not a registered dietitian

*food is a priority to me {and mike} and we spend a lot of time talking about it! a lot of money buying it, and a lot of time every day prepping it! but we do it together and love it!  

*i train A LOT because I love it and it makes me happy

*i eat all of these things every day {except for alcohol & restaurant stuff i talked about} 

*i eat and sleep very similarly every day: school days, weekends, training days, rest days all are very similar


busy busy!