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This first week of school business is no joke! It is just so insanely exhausting, drastically more so than the rest of the school year, but I just kept telling myself that things will get soo much better soon! The heat, chaos, and confusion are not a great mixture, but we made it through and I think my class is *starting* to get the hang of fourth grade!

Thank god for amazing workouts, first thing in the morning. Seriously, they help me clear my head so much and feel so accomplished and powerful before the rest of my day begins.

On Wednesday morning, we had a nice longgg 20 minute AMRAP {as many rounds as possible} of: 

9 power cleans {75#} 

6 hand release push ups

3 strict pull ups

200 meter run


I thought I would like the cleans the best, but my heart rate was sooo high the whole time, that every part of this workout felt tough. The push ups were probably my favorite part. I did all of strict pull ups really well, so I was veryyy happy about that!!


I finished 8 full rounds, then got in 4 more power cleans. 

Later that night, I went back for Barbell Club, and we worked on Overhead Squats. I've never maxed on my OHS, but that night I worked up to 108#, and think I could have kept adding, but it was time to go! When we do it again, I want to go to failure {and then obviously try again!} 

Thursday morning, I woke up feeling not good. When I don't sleep enough and mix some stress and lots of loud talking all day with that, I get sick. So I felt it coming on.... But I loaded up on vitamins, and tried to avoid a real illness at all costs {it has actually worked because I feel better right now as I write this} But, it was Deficit Deadlift Day, so off I went and did this:


Felt real strong...


One of my best illness preventing strategies is vodka and orange juice. For real. Mike took me to dinner and I had this to help kill the cold before it started.


Friday morning, I felt better! Magic vodka drink! I felt sore and tired, but better. This WOD didn't sound as tough as it actually was...


As soon as I started, I was thinking maybe I shouldn't have used the 75# Rx weight because my legs and back were immediately feeling tired. But, I pushed on through, focused on just getting every rep and making them all good ones, and I finished in 7:36!


This morning I am off to yoga and Oly at the box! Hope you have a great day!!

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