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oh my quads

Monday morning's WOD was the perfect "wake up" WOD. I wasn't feeling great {kind of have a mini-cold}, and this sprinting/squat workout was great for that. Every minute, we did 10 air squats and then a 50 meter sprint to a cone and back. It was fun because there were a bunch of us doing it together and it was really motivating trying to squat faster and beat everyone!


THENNNNN I think my coaches thought that wasn't hard enough, so they added a surprise! A 4 minute Tabata interval of air squats {20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, repeated 8 times}. We wrote down how many squats we did in each of the 20 second working sessions and as you can see, my number dropped rapidly after the first set!!! It was tough, my quads were SMOKED and today they are still on fire. Going down stairs is not pleasant. 320 air squats will do that to you.


Rolling felt good and bad.


This morning was Shoulder Press 5x5, and I got 85 for 4 on my third set, but couldn't get the last one up because my breathing and rhythm was not good. I took too long of a pause after the 4th rep and lost my momentum. So, 80x5 three times, and 85x4 will hopefully still help get me stronger than yesterday!


After that, we did a tough Kettle Bell WOD with 30 Russian Swings, 20 KB Snatches, and 10 Crossover KB Push-Ups... so tough, but sooo good! I finished 3 rounds + 23 Russian Swings in the 10 minutes. It was a great start to my Tuesday!

I think I will be heading back after school for the Endurance WOD {EWOD}, depending on how I feel. I think some running will be good for me today :)

Hope you're having a great day!

"day in the life" attempt

my wedding shower!