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zero minutes of sleep

I do not know what happened to me on Thursday night, but I literally slept for zero minutes!! It was terrible! I watched the hours tick by thinking about how tired I would be the next day and how busy of a weekend I had and totally stressed myself out! At 3am, I hoped I wouldn't even fall asleep because getting up at 5 would feel even worse with 2 hours of sleep compared to none. Any good tips for the next time something like this starts happening to me???? 

At five, I hopped out of bed, so sad to have missed an entire night of sleep. Mike stayed in bed because it was his day off and he usually goes to CrossFit a little later on those days. But off I went, and when I saw that it was Cat's Going Away WOD, I knew I had to suck it up and perform like I'd slept all night :) Cat is one of our coaches and she's leaving for at least a year, which is so sad because she has taught me A LOT about Olympic Weightlifting in the handful of times I have worked with her. Everything I squat, snatch, and clean, I'll think of her!


I still don't do double unders in WODs {seriously need to work on those this fall!!!}, but the heavy cleans made me excited!


I finished in 13:55 and pushed myself real hard, and I was happy with my performance on no sleep! It actually made me feel a lot better and woke me up {although I would've loved to go home afterward instead of going to school!!}


Later that morning, Mike took Brutus to the Box with him... Everyone loved him, of course!


For real guys, tips on not being able to sleep?! I usually fall right asleep {early!!!} and have no problems, but every once in awhile, if I have a lot on my mind, I stress myself out and can't sleep at all... I really don't want it to happen again!

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