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179 days to go

Yesterday, our box was closed for Labor Day, so I Mike and I went and did a nice little travel WOD to start our week off right! We seriously had not been able to walk since Friday- I fell down a few stairs because that seemed like a better plan than flexing my leg muscles or bending my legs at all. So Monday morning, the legs were still in rough shape, but we flushed them out with:

4 Rounds for Time:

400 meter run

50 air sqats

I could barely feel my legs, but I finished in 15:12. 

We went and did it at the track and then let the dogs run all over the pace. Ruby tried to follow some bikers home and chased them for a good minute before the guy had to stop so I could catch her. Then she knew she was in big trouble and laid down at my feet.


This morning, we were up and ready for Low Bar Back Squats {so much squatting!!!} I hadn't really done these before, so the form felt kind of awkward and I definitely have bruises on my shoulder blades from the bar, but here's what I did:


Then we did a nice and sweaty kettle bell WOD. It was a 10 minute AMRAP of: 

-20 double unders {I did 60 jump ropes} 

-20 power swings {35lb KB} 

-20 ab mat sit-ups

i ended up finishing 5 full rounds and 33 jump ropes.... 


After that, I dried my sweat {don't even know why I bothered}, changed, and got ready for the most disgusting first day of school ever!!! It had to be 105 degrees in my classroom today, and I came home completely dehydrated and delirious. All I wanted was ibuprofen and a beer. 179 more days to go :)


Hope you had a great day!!


wrapping up the week