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back to last week

Last Wednesday, we were getting ready to leave for Florida. That meant packing, getting the house and dogs all set, and wrapping some really important stuff up at CrossFit...  

Our 6am workout:


Pull ups are so tough for me and I really just chipped away at these, but I am very glad I did it Rx, and sucked it up, dealt with the frustration, and made myself proud.


And then I went back to do my 5x1 back squat and {hopefully} get a new max {my old one was 210#} Well, with tons of encouragement and my coach making me seriously believe I could do it, I did it! 230#!!


When I did 215, it felt easy, fast, and smooth. Then going for 225#, my mind got scared and as I was driving up, I kind of just gave up. Tried it again with my coach "spotting" me {it still seriously helps me when I squat heavier than ever}, and got it no problem. Then he had me add 5 more pounds, spotted me, and I was insanely happy to have a new PR! Lots of new ones for me this strength cycle:


Deadlift: 250

Back Squat: 230

Push Jerk: 130

Full Clean: 155

I'll be back later to tell you about our trip to Florida! Have a great day! 



the six pictures i took in florida

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