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oysters, rings, and snatches

Yesterday afternoon, Mike and I decided to go check out and try on some wedding bands!! But before we could do that, we had to have a little happy hour, of course!


I think this was my fourth time eating oysters this summer after a lifetime of never trying them... I really just like how cold they are and the different sauces you put on them :)

Ring shopping was pretty fun! Mike picked his out {I loveeeeeee how it looks on him and want him to start wearing it now!!!} and I tried some on and decided what I want, but Mike is having the same girl who designed my engagement ring do the band as well. Because of the shape and unique design of my engagement ring, I'm going to wear my wedding band on my right hand. So it has to make a statement, ya know ;) I can't wait to have two beautifully blinged out fingers!

The fun continued at our favorite place, where we went a little crazy with the crushed red. Need it, love it. 


And the Grey Goose Melon vodka and soda water was delicious and somehow lasted me all night?!


This morning, Mike went off to work and I went to CrossFit for yoga and Oly :) it was a perfect, dreary morning for yoga after a sore week. We worked on snatches today, not up to our max, but we focused on form and really trying to get way behind the bar... After the 9 pulls, we did four sets of five snatch balances, which I went pretty heavy on, which makes me believe that I can snatch way more than my 1 rep max of 98#. It's all about getting behind the bar and finesse, ugh. For snatch balances, I did 5 at 63#, 5 at 73#' 5 at 78#, and 5 at 83#~ felt good and strong and, well, balanced!


After all of that, I practiced my kipping pull-ups in a tired state {which will help me in the competition} and got 7 the first time, then 3, then I did just 2 more. Felt good though, they're coming along!!

Have a great night!

proud of myself!