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Summer Meltdown CrossFit Competition Recap {my 1st ever!}

yesterday, my {awesome} partner, marisa, and i competed in our first Rx CrossFit competition!! 

crossfit journey, springfield ma {the best box ever}

crossfit journey, springfield ma {the best box ever}

before i tell you about it, let's go back to june. back to when i had been doing CrossFit for two months. my coach told me he wanted me to be partners with another athlete at our box {who i didn't really know yet} for a competition on august 16th. the real kicker... we would do the RX division {full weights, all skills, workouts as prescribed without modifications} and challenge ourselves. for me,  just competing in general and having people watch me is a challenge to myself, nevermind the actual workouts!! before i said i would do it, i thought about it a lot, talked to people about last year's experience at the same competition, and had my coach tell me over and over that i would be fine and do great. somehow, it worked.

so this summer, marisa and i would meet up at the box and practice together a few days each week, whine to our coaches about how scared we were, and talk about how we would die when august 16th finally came. i don't think time has ever gone by so fast, and i've never had this much fun training/prepping for something, but today is august 17th and we are alive and really happy!

here's how yesterday went:

WODs #1 and #2 {mile time and weight lifted combined}

  • 1 mile run
  • 6 attempts at a 1 rep max for a full clean
  • 15 minute time cap
loading the bar right after coming in from the mile run.

loading the bar right after coming in from the mile run.

we finished 2nd in the mile run, but i am not sure what our time was {i think around 7 minutes?!} running around the track definitely felt longer than our mile route at the box, but it went by fast. as soon as we got back to our station, marisa loaded the bar for her first pull. then things got stressful as we were racing the clock with about 7 minutes left. last week, i got two new maxes for the clean: 150#, then 155#. yesterday, i got 150# nicely, and my coach had me go for 165# with about 40 seconds left. i wanted to get it so bad, pulled with all i had, and i actually got the bar up and i got down into the squat, but i couldn't stand up with it. so i finished with 150# and marisa got 120#, so our total was 270#... pretty good!

150# full clean

150# full clean

for this WOD, changing the weights was super hectic! usually, marisa and i would help each other out and each load one side so that it would be faster, but we weren't allowed to do that in the comp. so that made the time we had FLY by! luckily, our coach told us what weights to put on, because thinking about that would've taken a whole lot longer for me! i wish i had time to go for 165# again though, or even 160#, but i am glad that i got 150# under pressure.

after that, i felt like i was ready to go home! all the stress and anxiety was gone, we did a good job and actually came in 4th place in the Rx Women's Teams Division on that WOD, and i kind of forgot that we had a whole day ahead of us still! this was also the point when my parents left, so it was just kind of like going from lots of excitement to complete resting and waiting {for 7 more heats to go!} and it definitely screws with your mindset!

while waiting for the second WOD to start, i had some snacks {banana and a quest bar}, drank a juice, went to the bathroom about 60 times, watched a lot of strong strong people compete, and cheered on the athletes from our box who were in different divisions {Scaled Women's Team and Male Scaled Individual}.

the next WOD was the one we had been worried about since we heard about it:

WOD #3

  • EMOM {Every Minute On the Minute} Shoulder to Overhead Press 115#
  • Minute 1: 3 reps PARTNER 1
  • Minute 2: 4 reps PARTNER 2
  • Minute 3: 5 reps PARTNER 1
  • Minute 4: 6 reps PARTNER 2
  • Minute 5: 7 reps PARTNER 1
  • Minute 6: 8 reps PARTNER 2
  • Minute 7: 9 reps PARTNER 1
  • Minute 8: 10 reps PARTNER 2
  • Minute 9: AMRAP PARTNER 1
  • Minute 10: AMRAP PARTNER 2
  • ****I think this is how Minutes 7-10 went, but i am not positive! someone let me know if you do!

This was tough for us {and for a lot of the women}, because 115# is pretty heavy. The scaled women used 65# for this same workout. The scaled men used 95# for this same workout. That kind of shows that 115# is a lot when you are doing a lot of reps. Anyways, our goal was to get to about 5 or 6 reps and we would be happy with ourselves. We got to Minute 5 and marisa finished 6 out of the 7 reps, so we ended up with a total of 24 reps. Our judge was really nice and he was telling us we did great and that it is a really tough workout, so that was nice!

i love how marisa has more weight on the bar than the guy across from her!!

i love how marisa has more weight on the bar than the guy across from her!!

then it was time to wait some more and cheer on everyone else {and eat, drink, bathroom, repeat x 12}

at this point, i started to get really tired. it was after 3 o'clock {we had been there since 7:45, and met at our box at 6:45!} it was a long, sunny day, my lips were so chapped and dry, my phone was dead, i saw some spectators starting to have delicious looking beers, and i told myself, i had to just "SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!!" i was also starting to get worried about the pull-ups in the next WOD. 

let's talk about pull-ups for one sec. i am really proud of myself because i learned how to do kipping pull-ups in these past two months {really the last month}! when i am tired and out of breath, i can really only do two or three at a time, but when i am fresh and just practicing them, i can do five or six. but i was worried about them for this last WOD because i didn't want to make marisa do way more than i did! i didn't want to be a bad partner!

WOD #4: 10 minute time cap

  • 50 yard burpee broad jumps
  • 50 deadlifts 155#
  • 50 yard sprint
  • 50 pull-ups
burpee broad jumps= no breath

burpee broad jumps= no breath

we split the deadlifts 10, 10, 10, 10, 5, 5...

and then we were on to the pull-ups...

marisa doing awesome at the pull ups

marisa doing awesome at the pull ups

i did mostly two at a time, a couple of three at a times, but we chipped away at it and i was happy the judge was counting for us because i couldn't even think!

i love this picture because i look like i'm doing a good job AND my coach is right there behind me {always got my back!!!}

i love this picture because i look like i'm doing a good job AND my coach is right there behind me {always got my back!!!}

and then we were DONE! 

i am so glad we did this, challenged ourselves, trusted our coaches and our training. mostly, though, i am just so happy and thankful that i found CrossFit Journey. these past 4 months have changed me in a hundred ways!!!

and honestly, when's the next competition?!?!?!!!!

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