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Hi guys! Sorry I haven't blogged all week {for those of you who care!} it's been way busy--- kind of like this is the week I have built up in my mind all summer long.... engagement picture week and CrossFit competition week!!!

Monday's WOD was a real lung burner with the run and squat cleans... I loved it! I still used 2 ab mats under my head for the handstand push-ups, and they felt pretty easy, so next time I will use just one :)Β 


After that, my competition partner and I practiced all 3 WODs for the competition... we didn't know we were practicing all three, we just planned on one, but apparently, awesome coaches push you real real hard and make you do 4 {real tough} WODs in a row! I also somehow PR'ed on my full clean after 2 wods and a 1 mile run-- 155# ! 

Tuesday morning, I somehow wasn't really sore after all that and did pretty well on my 5x3 back squats! Next week, I will have a new 1 rep max and I can't wait!


Poor Ruby has had a really bad week. Last Friday/Saturday, she started acting super weird and tired and I just thought she was exhausted from our week of dog sitting, swimming, and playing. Well, when she couldn't even stand on Tuesday morning, I called the vet. She has tested positive for Lyme disease for three years in a row now, but the vet didn't want to treat her unless she was showing symptoms.... Well, she is finally showing symptoms :( It was seriously heart breaking, like I thought she wasn't gonna make it. Luckily, she is on the antibiotics and pain meds now and is starting to move a little bit better.... I will never be annoyed with having a crazy hyper dog ever again!!!!! 


Mike and I went to the Cape on Tuesday {it was real sad leaving Rubes at home when she was suffering like that} for our engagement pictures!! Since we got engaged in November, I almost just said no to engagement pics at all because i definitely did not want to do them in the winter- summer/beachy only for this girl!!!! But, I knew I would really regret not getting them at all, so we are just a little late ;) So we met our photographer who I absolutely LOVE {she lives on the Vineyard AND on St. John.... Ummmmm can I be her!?!?} and we had a beautiful gorgeous lovely night for millions of pictures of us! I will share some when it get them <3

The pictures were at 5:30, so it worked out nicely and Mike got a random Tuesday off and we spent it at the beach with my sister and her little family. Look at this gorgeous necklace my sister gave me with our wedding date engraved on it. I love it so much and it's so pretty and simple on, but it still makes a great statement!


iYesterday, I didn't do the WOD because the competition is on Saturday, and I would definitely still be sore from it {105 wall balls, 105 pull ups}, but I went and rowed, did push ups, sit ups, double unders, pull ups, watched Mike WOD and suffer, and just hung around. I also went back last night for Barbell Club, which was great!

This morning, I wasn't supposed to do the workout {5x1 deadlift}, and I was just going to do what I did yesterday, but when my coach saw my sad face! he said I could do it if I wanted to! So I did. And I PR'ed by 25 pounds!!! Mostly because I didn't know what weight I was lifting, my {favorite/amazing} coach just added weight for my 100% pull. I thought it was 240# so I pulled like crazy even though it felt stuck to the ground, but I knew I really should be able to get 240#. Well, I got it, felt like my eyes were gonna pop out of head, and then my coach said "do you know how much that was!??" and I said"240?" and he was like "Nope!!! 250!!!" Then there was some jumping around and laughing and hugging and I was so surprised and way happy! 


Tonight and tomorrow will be focused on fueling and prepping for the competition on a Saturday!!! I'm excited- can't wait to see what the whole thing is like and to give it my all!!!

Have a great night!Β 

Summer Meltdown CrossFit Competition Recap {my 1st ever!}

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