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that can happen in the summertime...

woah... the past 5 days or so have kinda run into one another, but i guess that can happen in the summertime!

the fourth of july around here was pretty uneventful for because of all the rain! it was luckily {or unluckily?} mike's day off, so we just relaxed and hung with the dogs and then went over to my parents' house for a nice little 4th of july dinner/indoor cookout.

the rest of the weekend was gorgeous, but sadly mike had to work. everytime i find myself a little bummed about him working on "the perfect beach day" or a time when we could go away for the weekend or something, i just think of our upcoming wedding this december. we are going away to the most gorgeous, magical place for two full weeks, and getting married there, so thinking about that helps a lot right now!!!

so saturday, i laid outside and read for a little while in the morning. ruby is a sun worshiper like her mom, so she tried to share my blanket.

then, my dad took me golfing for the first time this year. it was the perfect day to golf, and i love that it's something i do with my dad. 

after golf and a little "19th hole" relaxing at my parents' house, mike and i went to his friend's new lake house to watch some fireworks. i am definitely an ocean girl, but i think i could get used to this view from my deck...

before we knew it, it was monday morning and we were back at crossfit! we started the week with a 15 minute AMRAP {As Many Rounds As Possible} of 2 rope climbs, 20 wall balls, and a 200 meter run. i finished 5 rounds plus 2 climbs and 6 wall balls in the 15 minutes! that definitely woke me up! the run right after the wall balls was so tough because i was out of breath and my quads were so tired.... but that's the whole point and THAT is what makes you stronger!!! speaking of stronger, this time i scaled the rope climbs by starting laying on the floor with my feet on the box and climbing the rope to stand on top of the box... it was too easy for me and i knew it. i'm just so scared of climbing 15 feet in the air and letting go to tap the rafter!!! i think i will be practicing real rope climbs later this week, i just need to do it!

after that little morning wod, i went to hang out by my friend's pool and visit with our other girlfriend who was visiting from new york. we met and spent an insane/hard year together at BU getting our Masters in teaching and we were talking about how that was SIX years ago now! we also decided that i have the worst memory of all people ever, so it's a good thing i have this blog now, so i can hopefully remember more!!! green juice for the road {and for any other excuse i can find these days}

yesteday, we did something i'd never done at crossfit... push jerks! i love push press and lifting overhead, so i really liked the push jerk!


i was pretty proud of myself for basically keeping up with mike for this kettle bell wod. he usually kills me with that stuff, but he said he went a little slower with the sit ups this time to prevent this from happening again! HAHA!

i also stayed after all that to work on snatches with my coach {getting ready for the COMPETITION!!!!} let's just say good thing it was a rest day for us today because i am pretty sore! i do plan to go tonight, though, for oly {olympic lifting}! i will be back tomorrow to tell you all about that!

have a great day!

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