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crazy days

on wednesday morning, mike and i took part in our first hero wod: "alexander". the wod is in honor of Staff Sgt. Alexander G. Povilaitis...

"Staff Sgt. Alexander G. Povilaitis, 47, of Dawsonville, Georgia, assigned to the 570th Sapper Company, 14th Engineer Battalion, 555th Brigade, was killed in action on May 31, 2012 in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, when enemy forces attacked his vehicle with an improvised explosive device. He is survived by his wife, Kimberly, and two sons, Alexander Blaine and Danny."


5 Rounds for Time:

  • 31 Back Squats 135#
  • 12 Power Cleans 185#

Before any hero wod, the coaches pay tribute to the hero and tell us all about them, give us the history behind the workout, and basically make you think about what the whole point of the wod is. it's not for a PR, it's not supposed to feel good, it's to pay tribute and to suffer and push through, and be happy to be alive at the end of it. all of the hero wods' numbers of rounds and reps have meaning, which i think is interesting. it was five rounds for the month of alexander's death {may}, 31 back squats for the day he was killed, and 12 power cleans for the year.

most of the women scaled this workout to 65 or 75 pounds, or whatever they thought would work for them. i used 75# for both the squats and cleans. it hurt, my legs were gone after round two, but mentally i pushed through the five rounds in just over 20 minutes. 

then i headed back a couple hours later to work on pull-ups and double unders!!!

ready for round 2

ready for round 2

this morning, mike and i were both SO sore, but we knew it was almost rest time! this morning was the start of a new strength cycle, so we did deadlifts 5x5. here is what i did:

after the 190x5, my coach had me do a little deadlift test {a little competition prep}, so i used 175# and did them until i couldn't do any more! i got 16, and then my poor little pull up butchered hands couldn't hold on any longer! everything was tired, but i feel like i could've done a couple more if my hands were better! i was very happy with 16, though!

after all that, i came home and vacuumed for the 800th time this week. ruby is so scared of the vacuum, she goes and hides every time it comes out. today, she hid in her food dish. 

i've been dying for another juice after tuesday's farmers' market, so i went and got a "lean green machine" which had celery, apple, kale, cucumber, romaine, spinach, lemon, and ginger. so so good!

my mom and i then went and did some shopping and planning for my shower!!!! we also taste tested and bought some delicious sangria.... so, it is now officially sangria time and time to RELAX!

have a great night!!!

that can happen in the summertime...

double sessions & farmers markets