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hand problems

so yesterday afternoon, I went back to the gym to meet up with my competition partner to do some practice!!! We are both just nervous freaks and were nervous just practicing, so hopefully we will get over that a little before game day!!!! We did really well, though, it's just getting ready to start that is the scariest... Once you start, there is no looking back, so you just push on through and it really is over before you know it. 

I definitely could've used a ride home, though, because my hands were toast . My left palm especially- you don't even want to know! Good things these little things are on their way to me and will hopefully help this problem... {or they will just absorb all the blood!!}


and guess what... This morning's wod involved more pull ups! I just sucked it up...


The pull ups were the worst part for me just because of my hands and from being exhausted from yesterday, but I finished 4 full rounds plus 10 pull ups. The run with the 50# sandbag on my shoulders wasn't that awesome either, but it was a really good, tough workout! 

Today is mike's day off, so he took me to breakfast and to get a juice and it was a lovely little morning! when we got home, I cleaned inside and he did the yard... Look at my beautiful planter that's on our front steps!


I can't believe that I actually planted something that has grown so well and so much {and I think it's really pretty!!} 

also, i have to share this super cute picture of ruby, who has a serious love for snuggly blankets and comfy things. Β 


Tomorrow we head to the cape for some beach and wedding fun!!! Can't wait to share pictures!   

wedding & wod

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