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thursday & fun things ahead

hi guys!! yesterday's wod was a good one, minus the fact that i kind of dread anything on the bar! it was a asceding/descending ladder of 10 thrusters/1 toes to bar, 9 thrusters/2 toes to bar, 8 thrusters/3 toes to bar, and so on. so in all, it was 55 thrusters with 65# and 55 toes to bar. i am a freak and loved the thrusters part the most! the toes to bar is tough for me just because i really can't string them together, so i was doing one or two at a time the whole time. i could've saved myself many minutes if i could string these things!!!


but, i am glad that i did it Rx, so it's all good :) 


last night, i went back for cat's barbell club oly skills and we worked on clean and jerks and specifically split jerks. ugh, i am not very good at split jerks, but hopefully with some work, it will come to me and i will be like her! or i may just push jerk forever....

this morning, we did deadlifts and i went a little lighter on them. i ended at 190x5 {probably could've/should've gone up another 15-20 pounds}, but this afternoon i am going back to practice a wod for the competition that involves 50 155# deadlifts!!! so i didn't want to over-deadlift this morning! 

i am also scared for my little hands. having to hold the steering wheel like this is not normal!! the wod we are practicing also involves 50 pull ups, so i might need a ride home this afternoon!


i can't believe it is july 24th. remember how i didn't really want school to end about a month and a few days ago??? well, i changed my mind. i have really gotten used to summer and i would like it to stay forever and ever! we have a lot of fun stuff coming up, and i just don't really see where thinking about school fits in!!!

here's some of the fun ahead:

  • this weekend... going to the cape for a friend's wedding & the beach
  • next weekend/first week of august....dogsit/housesit/poolsit for our friends, which is really like being at a little resort for us ;)
  • 2nd week of august....going to the cape for engagement pictures with our photographer {a little late, but i have to have 'em!} then my crossfit competition!!!!
  • 3rd week of august: florida!!!

and let's just stop there because i don't want to think about what happens after that!!!

have a good rest of your thursday!

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