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a busy weekend!

our weekend kind of started on thursday when we headed out to dinner on a really beautiful night...


mike has turned me into an oyster person and these were really good {i actually think it is mostly the mignonette sauce that i like!}


friday started off with a girl wod at crossfit: "gwen". she is not really considered one of "the girls" anymore, but she used to be. 

gwen was 15-12-9 clean and jerks. you were not allowed to let the bar rest on the ground at all between reps, only between sets. i used 73# and finished in 5:05... it was weird not having a set amount of rest time between each set, so i kind of followed the other two girls who were doing it at the same time as me. mike was behind me so i couldn't gauge it off of him. overall, i felt like i could have done more weight and worried less about time, but it was a good one.

then we went and hung out by the pool for a little bit and brought the dogs, which they loved...


and friday night, we went to our most favorite place and enjoyed an awesome dinner and hanging with our favorite bartenders! it was a pretty great day :)

saturday was oly for me and we worked on clean and jerks. this video is pretty bad, but it was the shortest one i could find to show you what a clean and jerk is!!!! i cleaned 133#, which is way more than what i used to be able to clean {i'm not positive, but i think the most i did at my old gym was 115#} and i cleaned & jerked 128#... pretty good for my first time doing it!


later that afternoon, we headed over to our friends' gorgeous new house for their daughter's second birthday party. i didn't take any pictures, but it was an "under the sea" theme {good thing i wore my mermaid dress}, and all of the details were pretty much the cutest things ever. 

after what felt like a non-stop busy few days, today we laid low. mike cleaned a lot, i kind of helped him, he grocery shopped, did laundry, i guess i laid low and mike did lots of things?!?! he's a good man. and we took the dogs to swim in the pond and made their day.


i did make this delicious dinner, though! well, mike made the chicken, but i made the broccoli and chopped salad {it's all about the teamwork!} it was the perfect dinner to start a fresh new week!

see you tomorrow with my workout and some new favorite things!!!

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